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Hachiko's Puella Magi Madoka Magica Tv Review

Rated: 10

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is one of the top shows of 2011 for a reason. Hands down, it redefines the magical girl genre by having its heroes deal with the dark facets of reality, and the heroes themselves having a story to tell, most of which is also dark and tragic. This is a show that makes you think about the meaning of life and the fact that life itself can't be taken for granted.

It may be a cliche, but it still rings true because it is true.

The plotline has excellent brevity and punch to go with solid artistic presentation—perhaps the best of this year—impressive voice acting from its leads, especially from Chiwa Saito, and great background music.

This is a show that you will want to experience again and again. And from somebody that has done just that, you should do it.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

Pretty interesting take on the magical girl genre as a deconstruction and turning it on its' head and inside out with the story prgoression and the graphic imagery, however I like the movie series version best as it focuses on the characters more and the relationships that are forged between them. I'd say my favorite character is Kyoko Sakura, I like her fiery personality and how she develops as a character. As a mahou shoujo deconstruction, this series is better than Revolutionary Girl Utena as Madoka Magica has a more interesting concept and how it develops, a better execution of its' plot, and actually has the viewer grow invested in the characters and the character relationships.

HatedAngel HatedAngel

this anime is not you're usual magical girl anime. It decieves you at every corner and smack you in the face with feels.
Would reccomend

kitty21 kitty21

Fantastic anime! One of the darker ones involving magical girls yet! I'd say my favorite is Kaname Madoka, she is so calm and her wish was one of the best. Definatly brought a new thing to the story.

If your interested in stories with Magical Girls, this is definatly one.

Ak1r0 Ak1r0

No -4- in my fav list is Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica.
with genius writing which destroys the classic Mahou Shoujo genre, this series tells an amazing but heavy emotion story. (just remember that MSMM starts being what it is after episode 3 so take care)

Kalrathia Kalrathia

I must finish this series! I don't even know how I could not watch it completely when I started to, maybe I was busy with tests and school projects...
Anyways, it's a very original and interesting series. I was expecting something very different, perhaps something more... childish. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes good animes.

Angi Angi

Really thought this was going to be a classic magical girl series, well I was mistaken. It surfs a more serious theme around the magical girls, not only throwing magical sparkles to kill witches and such with no other reason but to defeat the bad guys, its pretty nice to look a little twist that makes them think about it to seriously become a magical girl. Some events goes too fast tho, and fights could be more longer, since the environment that appears when a witch is present is pretty "artsy"...

Hogami Hogami

well, as far i know it was tagged as "shoujo" series... well can't deny it, but i think even a guy can appreciate it, drawn are kidna unique luckily (is not that i don't like the "usuall" drawn style of the most anime that are around, but sometime drawns are kidna similar, and people can overlap charachters, expecially when they're similar for face line, hair cut etc).

still it suprise me, and i think is something enjoyable

HurtHattori HurtHattori

My first Mahou Shojou anime... and what a ride it was! Dark, thought-provoking and still enjoyable, Madoka reminded me of Evangelion with its underlying theme of despair. I would say that it also reminded me of FMA, and especially of the Equivalent Exchange theory. In Madoka, the hope and the miracles all have the same price... a price of pain and despair. And a fate worse than death, at the end of the day, in exchange for a wish. The story is well-written, too! If you haven't already watched it, I definitely recommand it!

elisadevelon elisadevelon

This is said to be the saddest magical-girl anime ever created and I couldn't agree more. Every girl, who makes a contract with a mysterious creature granting wishes and becomes a witch, is actually tricked into a dull future and unavoidable death. The story is full of tragedy and darkness, but at the same delivers an important message about friendship and sympathy. Everything is explained only when the right moment comes, so the plot never becomes boring. The OST is excellent, too. What I found very interesting about this show was that even though it was about magic and magical girls, the main character actually became a witch in almost the last episode despite the fact that the story was based on that she is a witch.

Miss-chan Miss-chan

Madoka made my anime life worth it. I never would expect such a brilliant story in some foolish hair colored girls and a plot about magic in high school, but I soon realized that I was totally wrong. Magnificent fast action with surprisingly fine weapons(like Mami's and Kyoko's).The spectacular youtube videos about MSMM are the living proof of the great scenes. Friendship/love was combined with hardcore drama making the cherry of the cake. In my opinion, it was like a lesson of responsibility, in which magic comes with a high price. And even thought it might seem like some girls trying to save the world, in reality, there just paying the price for their desires, and Kyube remembers us of that the whole anime. My favorite action anime so far.

evilxangel evilxangel

It was a heart thrilling magical girl anime.The story is very sad and gives another perspective of the consequences that magic can bring.Even though it was not the best character designing the childish look just made the anime better.The music was awesome.

CND2007 CND2007

One of the best series I have seen in recent years. One of a kind artstyle and great soundtrack.
A very dark-themed magical girl anime which is different from all the others. Honestly, I was not expecting something like this. Worried how it could end but it did end nicely (maybe not for everyone to understand right away). A few things did come a bit short as it only has 12 Episodes, but you will not miss much. Its been a while since I shed tears.
A very sad, but still beautiful story filled with emotions, hope and despair.
Love Homura :)

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I don't usually watch shows like this, the title completely through me off. I liked the show and didn't think I would. From hearing the title it wasn't what I was expecting. I'll take a second to quickly comment on the art style during the fighting scenes. While I can honestly say that I’m not a fan of the whole abstract art style of the monsters and how they look too “real” in comparison with the characters, the background art that SHAFT decided to use in the other dimensions look pretty amazing. The battleground where Mami and the witch fought looked amazing – making me think it might be something that could have came straight out of a Dr. Seuss book for adults. Thinking about how Kyubei was conveniently at the site of the accident made me question just how trustworthy the little fur ball is. It didn’t help that he started commenting on how much potential Madoka had to become the strongest Mahou Shoujo. It may have just been me, but every time Kyubei asked Sayaka or Madoka to become a Mahou Shoujo, it almost feels like he is just trying to force the situation — trying to make them become Mahou Shoujo just for the sake of getting them under a contract. Let’s not forget about Kyubei — the white raccoon looking cat hybrid who feels almost evil thing. I can’t help but add a negative connotation to anything he says! After watching him say farewell and apologizing to Madoka and Sayaka for all the trouble he’s put them through, I couldn’t help but think that he had some other hidden agenda. Lo and behold, when the tension between Sayaka and Kyosuke gets near the breaking point, guess who’s sitting on a windowsill when only “a miracle or magic” can fix the situation? He's just so suspcious acting. After watching just how Kyubei turns a normal girl into a Mahou Shoujo, something just felt wrong with the whole process. It might have been the creepy shadow behind Kyubei, or the words he used while talking to Sayaka, but watching him yank out Sayaka’s powers right from her chest just didn’t sit right with me. Maybe because the spot where her powers came out of just happened to be right where one’s soul normally sits? And if ripping the powers out of someone wasn’t bad enough, after hearing Kyouko’s twisted strategy on how to harvest grief seeds, I wasn’t sure what a Mahou Shoujo’s purpose was anymore. Pushing someone into making a wish without telling them about having to give up anything and everything dear to them sounds pretty dirty in my mind. Not only did Kyubei turn from an evil furball into a heartless and methodical one, but watching Madoka actually put some action into her words surprised me. It’s a shame that her new found courage was overshadowed by Sayaka falling to the floor. The revelation of just what a Mahou Shoujo is just blew my mind away. I never expected that the jewel that they carry is actually the embodiment of their mind and soul — which just happens to be the only thing that links their soul and body together. Something about the thought of having my soul extracted from my body just doesn’t sit well with me. Seeing how I’m a normal human being, I would feel a little violated if someone decided to rip my soul out my body. Isn’t your soul the basis of your very existence — the single thing that makes you who you are? Somewhere between forgetting to mention certain facts to playing with Sayaka’s soul, I was ready to rip his head off. At the same time, I was surprised just how convincing the show was when it tried to justify Kyubei’s actions. Homura’s comment how an entire life normally isn’t enough for a miracle keeps echoing through my head. How often do you get a chance to have a wish granted? For such an opportunity, is it worth sacrificing everything? I could understand if he’s some sort of higher being that lacks emotions because his only goal is to save the people of earth — but he’s not. The idea that every single witch that’s been defeated so far was once a Mahou Shoujo just blows my mind away. But even worse is trying to picture just how vicious of a circle he’s created. Create Mahou Shoujos to defeat fallen Mahou Shoujos so that in the end, he can harvest all their grief seeds. Once again, after the proper context is brought in, I can’t help but feel that Kyubei is not completely evil. Sure he’s manipulative, acts like a psychopath, and even eats his previous bodies, but the phrase “We ask you to make a contract, not force you” left a strong impression on me. Such a strong impression that even after listening to him coldly describe the dire situation that the universe is in and his total disregard of human life, I couldn’t really hold it against him. On a moral level, is it right to compare aliens to humans? It’s like comparing superior oranges to apples, at least the superior oranges are giving the apples options. But from a human perspective, yes, I think it’s pretty screwed up. He finally explains their purpose: Mahou Shoujos are created for the sole purpose of being used as energy sources. While conveniently forgetting all the major drawbacks of becoming a Mahou Shoujo and trying to push their hand in his favor, he always offered them a choice. I personally hate the Old Kyubei and all of his cold hearted tactics. But from the point of a rational and emotionless being, I can understand where he’d be coming from. It’s like asking if sacrificing a part of society to save the whole is worth it — is it? As the past eleven episodes have clearly shown, there is a huge drawback to becoming a Mahou Shoujo — you become a witch when you give up hope or run out of power. Effectively skipping death entirely and rampaging around the earth as pissed off as you were when you died until a Mahou Shoujo takes you out of your misery. Looking at this situation as a whole, Madoka’s wish is such an amazingly noble and selfless one. I personally wanted Madoka to somehow become a Mahou Shoujo without falling into Kyubei’s trap. It did feel good to watch how she not only managed to beat him at his own game but changed the rules entirely! Though it was a bit cliche, the ending especially, it makes you think what would you be willing to sacrifice for one wish?

mbeckley mbeckley

This anime cleverly tricked me with its cuteness. Lol. And Im glad for that because life is not cute and good all the time. This magical girl anime is cute, fun, and cool, but serious and humanistic which made me an instant fan of it. Consequences always happen to those who makes a deal with the devil and circumstances may change. Simple as that.


I am particularly picky with the animation style in general, and frankly this one sparked no interest at first glance. I admit, I judged it by some promotional posters, shame on me. Shortly afterwards, I decided to give the manga a try instead. 12 chapters of epic mindfuck. Brilliant! It was short, but enough to fuel my desire to watch the anime. And so I did. And boy, how do I even begin to explain Madoka Magica? Memorable characters, impactful scenes, meaningful themes and a disturbingly cute mascot that everyone loves to hate. It went against the expected image of mahou shoujo; it took the normally cheerful magical girl genre and turned it upside down, and constantly toyed with our minds and emotions along the way, in a most glorious manner. You can feel the SHAFT vibe everywhere, their unique grip on creativity, and it’s amazing!
I think it easily defines anime in 2011, a must-see for every otaku, a work of art that firmly presses all the right buttons in me and became my best favorite. Everything about Puella Magi Madoka Magica is art, and I firmly believe that art is a sense of magic. This is what “Madoka Magika” is to me.

I suffer from the MadoMagi fascination syndrome (relax, I made it up) lol. -- I have absolutely no regrets. ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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