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Another one I liked in general, and especially where it was going, but found it cut painfully short without coming close to its potential. Also, the military historian in me cringes at how they handle tanks (and infantry antitank combat) here. Seriously. On the other hand, volume 6 appears to be highly sought after nowadays, making my collector's set somewhat valuable.

singlemoon singlemoon

I always had a soft spot for dependable heroin so Alice had my respect there. :D
When I saw the trailer, the title attract my attention, 'Pumpkin Scissor' and looking at the graphic makes me think thrice before deciding to watch it. I think it's good, not so great, but not really that bad. The graphic was decent, and sometimes there's funny moment you can laugh at in this anime.
Overall, I think it looks simple but it carries messages within the series; about war, helping those who in needs and even when no one believes you, you should just do it and one day, people will start to notice your handwork.

koosha koosha

I'm looking forward to season 2.
In fact, season 1 was pretty short but the introduction of characters ran pretty well.
My favourite would be the main section 3 group, especially Alice and the corporal(aka the big guy)!
The other characters support pretty well with their humour and camaraderie.
Look out for a one-episode special ending theme too!

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