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Queen's Blade is massive tournament which decides who the next Queen is going to be, the only rule being you have to fight for it. The story follows the decision of Reina, youngest daughter of the Vance Count, who decides to see the world with her own eyes and eventually, enters Queen's Blade. Along the way she shall meet the other participants who each have their own reason to defeat current Queen Aldra and become Queen themselves.

Synopsis: El-Cadejos

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G-dog's Queen's Blade Tv Review

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Rated: 4

Season One of Queen’s Blade takes a conventional tournament storyline and injects tons of ecchi. Tonally, it mixes the same blend of drama, humor and action you’ve seen in Bleach, Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist, and other shonen anime – but its action scenes are hindered by mediocre animation. As with those other titles, the humor in Queen’s Blade is mostly slapstick – that and Nanael acting like an idiot. In short, Queen’s Blade doesn’t have much to distinguish itself, except bare boobs.

Even so, what it does – and does well – is present Leina as an endearing heroine whose spirit is attractive as her body – who you’ll want to see win as much as lose her clothes. She lends a little heart to a show you’ll (admit it) watch mainly for the kinky girl-fights.

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Member Opinions

Davo Davo

a imperfect and weird plot, the problem with this anime is the basis, based in a popular artbook game series, with artwork of skilled artists like blade, much characters show the constrast between creators style, givin to the anime visual inconsistence, since this anime is based in an artbook, the plot has been invented, with a weak argument and lack of deep story, the use of cliches, the constant here is the ecchi scenes without solid basis to show them, the watcher probably in the first episode asking :"what's goin'on her?", 'cuz the story moves to fast without a solid plot... and much of the time one ends confused and only watch the show for ecchi scenes

Astara Astara

A colorful and visually rich series. Plotline is that many females wandering throughout the land must do battle to determine who is the strongest. The series starts by following the progress of the king's youngest daughter, Reina, who wants to escape from the oppression of being a 'caged bird' as is her place by birth. She runs away and eventually finds herself 'officially' on the path of the Queen's Blade's trials (much to the chagrin of her parents).

The series would be 'R' rated for nudity -- for that is plentiful -- plate mail armor just isn't fashionable, I guess, nor would it be as visually entertaining.

It's a slow watch, as the dialogue is in japanese, and it's difficult to catch both the subtitled dialogue and the action.

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