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RWBY (pronounced "Ruby") is an anime-styled American CG-animated web-series created by the Rooster Teeth Productions' animation studio.

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Reason I'm giving this show such a low ass score is because it has been roughly 8 seasons in and this show still hasn't improved. What I liked about RWBY in the beginning were the characters, the music, the potential this show had to be amazing. Now it's halfway season, excuse me, "volume" 8 and the writing is getting worse, plots don't make any sense and it has lost all sense of continuity. In my opinion, RWBY is the worst anime I've ever seen mostly due to because it had so much potential and it squandered it at every turn. They spend too much time trying to make RWBY like other shows and anime, they forgot to make it RWBY. It can hardly be called RWBY anymore. More like RW and BY since ships seem to be the only thing that matter to these crackpot so called writers. Very disappointed. If you want to watch a series similar to this but better, may I suggest literally anything else than this trash? Except Magical Girl Site. That show can also rot in hell as well.

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DOn't smack me when I say this but I would adore this anime if it had better animation. The animation did take getting used to because its not a style you see a lot (its kinda similar to MMD due to it being puppet animation but its apparent they used a more sophisticated program than MMD)
The fighting scenes are glorious along with the weapon design. The voice acting is a tad forced here and there but otherwise its a really good show.

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