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SnickerdoodleNinja's Radiata Stories Game Review

Rated: 7

Through its gameplay, Radiata Stories provides a number of different ways for you to amuse yourself. One of the more creative elements is the method of recruitment. As the in-game clock (able to be checked by the player at any time) progresses, day and night come and go, and Jack can follow each of the 177 character in their daily routine as you try to get hints as to how to recruit them. Yes, that’s right: one of the game’s main attractions is stalking people. It’s slightly creepy when you think about it that way, but still very fun to be able to see the detail put into every individual character. That said, not every character you can stalk is recruitable, and unless you look it up you could end up wasting a large amount of time on a non-player character.

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