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Sarisasenshi's Ragnarok the Animation Tv Review

Rated: 7

As a veteran of the Ragnarok Online beta-testing period, I was instantly drawn to this series through my love for the game. While the series wasn't what I expected, as I was hoping that it would be based on Mugin-Lee's Ragnarok manwha, I was still pleased with what I had to see. The series contained some pretty original bits of humor, as you witness poor Roan playing the part of a packmule to Yuufa in the first half of the series. Others included flirts with danger in all the wrong places to seeing some of your favorite characters such as Iruga getting dragged into crossdressing for a costume party. Most of the humor is still admittedly cliche in some parts, but the rest is fairly unique and really circumstancial.

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I didn't hate this like many did. In fact, I liked how it fairly faithfully mirrored how an RPG world would be, including class changes. And I know of no other series that did this without it being in the context of a game within the anime world. So kudos.


Half of the whole series I couldn't stand the two main characters. And only the other one improved mentally...
I love Ilga! x3 But it is too sad that he had to die so horrible death =<
This show was quite funny and entertaining.

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