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Z827's RahXephon Tv Review

Rated: 7

This is a Review of Rahxephon
Other than the fact that the Anime had the feeling of being a "forced philosophy" Anime, the concept itself, the music, the interesting relation between the protagonist and the heroine and most of the side-characters really did save this series from plummeting into failure.
The entire series was something which you'd grow to dislike and love at the same time, filled with plenty of flaws but with enough strengths to pull you right back into the entire series itself and balance the whole series out.
Whilst it is filled with flaws, it's not something your likely to forget anytime soon.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

It's an amazing anime and very thought provoking with the types of concepts that were explored the series. It's sad that this series is underrated, although watching it for the first time can lead to confusion as a viewer in what is going on, don't let that alone be a reason to avoid the series or the more obvious one of this series being an Evangelion-expy. This series does things much differently than Evangelion and when I myself watched it, I could see the major differences. "The Dandelion Girl" story penned by Robert F. Young that served as an influence on the making of RahXephon resonates strongly. The bond between Ayato and Haruka is one of my favorite strong points in this series and you can see where "The Dandelion Girl" story mirrors the Ayato x Haruka relationship. Watch the movie after the series to get better clarity of Ayato and Haruka's relationship in its' inception when they were still in junior high. I love how their relationship transcends time and thought the movie did a good job in presenting that. I feel Haruka is the best heroine in this series and she's such a beautiful character with her passionate heart and courage. The TV series and the movie are different in how the story is told with plot differences and is a good accompaniment. Although I would've liked the movie better with a full widescreen presentation and upscale the animation of theatrical quality. The music of the series is excellent with Ichiko Hashimoto's OST and the OP song "Hemisphere" sung by Reika Mishima's seiyuu, Maaya Sakamoto. A friend of mine recommended to me to watch this series and I encourage the same to others to watch RahXephon.

celestial-Ceres celestial-Ceres

I like this series a lot, and I looooove Ayato *____*
The story is great and captivating, just imagine how it would feel if you would suddenly get to know that the world is actually much bigger than you thought it was like the people who live in Tokyo Jupiter experienced. And the characters in this series are all pretty adorable, I especially like Ayato Kamina, Reika Mishima and Hiroko Asahina :3

Rufusek Rufusek

When you are watching this anime you will get impression that it is kinda like Evangelion but honestly I just find end of it close to Eva but it is similar and I think almost as good as Neon Genesis it gives people other thouthts and impressions, nice one!

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