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Ranma Saotome is a 16-year-old student and heir to the "Anything Goes" style of martial arts. However, Ranma is not your average student: since a "fateful" day at a Chinese training ground called Jusenkyo, he turns into a cute girl when he comes in contact with cold water. Only a dose of hot water can reverse the effects...temporarily.

Yet the craziness of Ranma's life does not end here; due to an agreement between Soun Tendo and Ranma's father, Genma (who himself is cursed with transforming into a panda), the gender-wise unusual boy is now engaged to Akane Tendo, a rather violent and tomboyish girl. Sure enough, romance unwillingly blossoms and time brings about problems including cute pig-boys, ego-inflated Sempais and countless new fiancées...

Synopsis: Caya

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SaitoHajime101's Ranma 1/2 Tv And Manga Review

Rated: 4

Sigh, I think I finally got through most of my raging about this series, but who knows, it might come back when I speak what I have to say here.

First off being 7 seasons long, one would expect constant episodes in every series that bring us back to the main story so we don't forget but alas this series stops doing that by season 5. Its just the first part of all my raging. A very episodic series that teeters on the line between ridiculous and stupid. I'm one to always watch every episode no matter what happens, but I will freely admit here, this series, for the first time in my anime watching career, I broke that tradition of mine. I ended up skipping a couple episodes here and there after the 3rd season because the previews for them were total crap.

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minayuri minayuri

My favorite Rumiko Takahashi title I enjoy with its' blend of martial arts action, comedy, and slice of life-romance elements, I love Ranma and Akane as a couple and enjoyed them even more when they had a sweet moments together, their love song in the OVA series is another ingredient that makes me adore them as a couple, for it explains their strong feelings for each other. A series truly deserving of another anime series, which I feel will bring in more fans to this truly wonderful franchise. However, if another anime series is made, I would prefer it to leave out the random love interests for Ryoga and Ukyo and pair these two up, because they had great chemistry and I think they would make a fine match and an anime original ending where Ranma and Akane are married. Ranma and Akane are at their best as a pair when left alone without their pushy fathers and romantic rivals getting in the way, then they are able to connect as a couple. I think Shampoo is overrated, I don't like her with Ranma, she uses cheap tricks to gain Ranma's affections and against her rivals. I also hate how she bullies poor Mousse. If the Ranma/Akane pairing didn't happen, I think Ukyo would be the best choice for Ranma and she suits him more than Shampoo. It's sad to see Akane haters bash her, she's done nothing to deserve it...she goes through so much with having to deal with the likes of Kuno and those lame boys at school and not getting the support she needs from her family to set her on the path to being a fine wife for Ranma. I think Kasumi should be more engaged in teaching Akane the tools she needs to be a good cook. Akane is a sweet natured young lady with a big heart. I don't blame Ranma for his occasional bad treatment of Akane, I blame his uncouth, lame-ass father for not teaching him the right way to treat the opposite sex considering how poor he treats his own wife, Ranma's mother. Kodachi's terrible and annoying, of all the characters I would write off completely from the plot it would be her, she should've never been created.

sweetanimegirl24 sweetanimegirl24

I love this anime!!!! It has everything in it including comedy,romance and marital arts fighting! You never know how the storyline is going to end..Its not one of those predictable anime where you go "oh i know whats going to happen next" an d get bored with it..caz the truth the be told i actually did that and i was completely wrong. How can you go wrong with ppl turning into different kind of animal when splashed with cold water,thanks to a cursed springs in china. And oh the romantic triangles or rectangles at times lol ^^

Blue-Crescent Blue-Crescent

Though I finish more than half of this anime, I can really say I love this. I really am having a plan of finishing this when I finally have the time. I love the comedy in this anime and the fact that it is from Rumiko Takahashi.I always love her works and the plots of her anime. Ranma is a really purely fun anime and I guess if someone wants to laugh out loud at all times, this is the best anime. I also love the fact that Ranma has four fiancees whose characters differs so much from each other. I strongly suggest this to anime lovers who love martial arts and are avid fans of Rumiko Takahashi.If you want to meet the elder brother of InuYasha, watch this.

darkmage530 darkmage530

Watched 52 Episodes, this is so funny. Love it!
104 Episodes watched, still enjoying this a lot. Love all the characters. Great stuff.

Finally finished it along with all the movies and OVA's. The series really drags on for a while and the overall episode quality does drop. Thee are still some gems though near the end. Many of the OVA's were fantastic, some of the best parts of the entire series. I thought the movies though were flat, boring and predictable.

rsmith-japan rsmith-japan

Alright, seen the first 6 seasons. Still a season and a half to go. It looks cheesy by today's standards, but, for it's time, Ranma 1/2 was ahead of the curve in terms of story line, fight scenes, and multiple character development. My hat goes off to Rumiko Takahashi for incredible creativeness. I became a fan of her work after watching InuYasha, and anyone who appreciates her style will definitely like Ranma 1/2.

renlilica renlilica

I laughed a lot watching this anime especially those awkward moments that happens to ranma and all the twisted characters that adds to the fun. I really like Ranma and the weird situation where he turns to a girl when he comes in contact with cold water is really pitiable but it acts to his favour at times.
You'll find a lot of weird things here in this anime so check this anime out.

Miss-chan Miss-chan

Rumiko Takahashi is a genius and I appreciate all her creations. Ranma is a classic and was perfect by the time, but looking it now, the animation was floppy and the story was repetitive. I personally didn't like the sublime message that being a women is easier than being a man. The only moments Ranma felt difficulty was to fight as women, but on the other moments he could use his perfect female curved body to win attention and be better treated. Still on that, there were a lot of nude scenes that were unnecessary, specially on the public bathrooms, but I'm guessing that's what made it so popular. The second movie and the OVAs were better in animation, plot and music, but the 161 episodes are easy to watch. Everyone that becomes a fan, I advise djclyve, a youtube channel that goes deep inside the episodes and characters with great point of view. Best character in my opinion: Nabiki!

singlemoon singlemoon

It was so funny, but it also had it annoying parts. But overall, it's great and it's something that you'll definitely enjoy.
I kept on hearing Ranma 1/2 from my friend and one day, I try watching it and guess what, I'm a fan already. Although, sometimes, some part of the stories makes me wanna turn off the TV cause it's making me anxious and say 'Ranma, you're such an idiot!', but I still love his character nonetheless.


One of my favorite series, I had been checking out DVDs of it from the library for years. Some parts of it are just so ridiculous you have to shake your head and laugh. I've heard multiple humorous comments from both my parents on this one; mostly centering around Ranma and his... predicament... (shifty eyes)

e1ectric e1ectric

Another long series, that I will need to set aside some time to watch. I loved the manga, as Ranma 1/2 Volume 21 is the first manga I ever read, and that was the first series I read from start to finish. It has a repeated plot style, where minute changes to the story and reuse the same plot so I could see myself getting bored with this. Time will tell (as soon as I actually start to watch it more than the first episode)

darkangeluz108 darkangeluz108

This is Rumiko Takahashi master piece for sure, the characters are the most wacky I've ever seen in my life. In 90's this was the born of fanservice too ;) The elements of the fights also gives an extra touch to the unusual plot. I can't wait to get the last volumes for my colection ;D


A really quirky and funny anime following the story of Ranma Saotome and his strange ability, or more like curse, to change into a girl by cold water and back to a boy from hot water. Very humorous with a side helping of fighting action and silliness. I haven't seen much of the anime and am still reading the manga but it's a must see/read, a nice oldie for anyone who enjoys out of the norm anime with wacky situations and characters.

Though I'm not too picky with dubs I reccomend the subbed version for anyone diving into Ranma 1/2. though not bad voice acting it's not good either and Ramna's female voice sounds like a straining female trying to sound like a boy. Besides that it's a recommended watch.

blessedaegis blessedaegis

This was my first real anime i got hooked into. The comedy was always fairly good, and I found myself rather fond of the cast of characters from beginning to end.

It is a rather dated show, so the anime probably wouldn't hold up to today's standards , but when it was released it was game breaking I think.

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