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Although varying in initial details, most versions of the story begin with a female infant being handed to a witch (Dame Gothel) as a means of preventing a curse. The witch locks the girl (Rapunzel) away in a high tower, which she accesses by commanding Rapunzel to "let down her hair", then climbing on it to the top. Rapunzel lives in isolation, never seeing anyone but Gothel.

One day, a prince falls in love with Rapunzel after hearing her sing; he watches the tower for days, observing how Gothel enters it, and eventually does the same. At first Rapunzel is frightened, but she soon warms up to the prince and agrees to marry him. However, Gothel catches wind of their escape plan - Rapunzel either comments that her clothes are getting tighter around the waist (indicating pregnancy), or wonders why it was easier for her to help the prince up, compared to Dame Gothel.

Enraged, Gothel cuts Rapunzel's hair and banishes her, planning to punish the prince as well. During his next visit, the prince obliviously climbs up, only to be greeted by Gothel instead of his love. In despair, he jumps from the tower, falling on a bed of thorns below and blinding himself. After wandering the world, he finally comes across Rapunzel, and her tears of joy restore his eyesight, leading to a Happy Ever After life for both of them.

Description: pandemonium91

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