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One day, Little Red Riding Hood's mother gives her some goodies to take to her grandmother, who'd fallen ill. She instructs the girl not to stray from the path and to avoid talking to strangers. On her way, however, Little Red Riding Hood is stopped by a wolf, who diverts her attention to the pretty flowers around; excited, she forgets all about her mother's advice and wanders off, giving the wolf enough time to go to the grandmother's house, eat her, and put on her clothes in an attempt to fool the girl. When Little Red Riding Hood finally arrives, she hesitates upon seeing the figure in the bed, but the wolf still takes her by surprise and eats her as well.

The fairy tale initially ended here, with later versions continuing the story. The most common version introduces a woodcutter (or hunter), who cuts Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother out of the wolf's stomach while the animal is asleep. The three then fill up the wolf's stomach with stones and sew it back up; when it wakes up, it stumbles around, only to collapse in the water well nearby and drown.

The most common item associated with this tale is the red cloak or capelet.
Images may also include girls carrying baskets with food, and wolves.

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