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jakuro jakuro

Our heroine is drug along from place to place and abused by the villians because of her special red hair that reveals she is from a special old clan with a secret power. She isn't especially forthright to me, like Bella from Twilight - she just somehow does it all right. You can sense her pain when her power is used, powerful but powerless. Its an incredible journey with a well-done love triangle between the hero and her best friend. I started to lose interest toward the end but I knew the build-up had to be for a reason! Keep reading, this is a very unique manga.
The mangaka's style is what drew me to this series and kept me reading. The lines are thin and sharp, the characters are sturdy. There are tons of beautiful panels all done exactly in her style, no time was skipped in the effort they put in. The sharp, clean style very much suits the characters and the ones that are more flowy, it suits them as well. Each character gets multiple changes in how they look so you can really tell how much time is passing and how much each character has gone through symbolically.
This manga is very drawn out and dramatic. It generally has an intense feel. The love plot really takes you in and you feel it with the characters. Who should she choose, what should they do!? Not a whole lot of humor but well done drama and action.

HatedAngel HatedAngel

What's weird about this is I keep wanting to think that Nacaba is a Mary sue, but I can't bring myself to view her that way maybe she isn't? Well so far it's pretty good, I could probably finish the whole thing in one day. Favorite character: Loki

lady-tsukiyomi lady-tsukiyomi

Ehhhh, I like the plot and characters enough to keep reading on, but have left off from it for a while.=.= I must pick up my reading again, but to give an opinion on what I have read so far, I have joyed it, and I am still killing myself laughing on how the princess is ending up falling for her arranged-marriage mate. Her manservant is so hot... I feel sorry for him, honestly, because he loves her and yet she belongs to another. T-T Oh well... But anyway, I give it an A-. ^^

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