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Shoujoboy's Resident Evil 1 Game Review

Rated: 9

This game is fun... really fun. Instead of running from every Zombie, you put bullets in all of their heads. In fact that's the fun part. If you shoot someone in the head, they reel back holding their heads and you can run up and kick them. If you shoot them in the knee, they will drop down and you can run up and hit them with a suplex. If you shoot them in the crotch, well you get the point. Great part, a lot of those guys you just put down with a vicious head shot, drops ammo! So you can keep the pain train running smoothly and on time. Nothing like taking out huge waves of would-be killers with the swift justice of a shotgun to the chest and a grenade lying in wait behind them. Besides that, the puzzles aren't just collecting card keys and other annoyances.

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