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etoile-star etoile-star

good series but i highly recommend the visual novel, my favorite heroine is Akane she's charming and amazing her route is very interesting, the anime adapted the common route while the second season went with Terra route, Lucia's route is my favorite so as the romance between Kotarou and Lucia, it's not going to happen but i wish if her route or akane's route gets an adaptation

minayuri minayuri

This anime adaptation was truly disappointing, I hate the Kotaro x Kagari pairing the most as it was just pandering to Kana Hanazawa fans to have her character be the winning girl for the Rewrite anime. Kotaro has the best chemistry with both Lucia and Akane, either one deserved to be the winning girl considering they're popular in the character rankings. 8-bit and the series' staff wasted the potential of Rewrite by setting their standards low and is certainly the worst adaptation of Key's works to date. I feel Season 2 was hollow with no heart to it and I hated Kotaro in this arc and it cheated the five main girls of their character arcs being explored. Rewrite would've been better hands if it had been made by the same team behind the adaptation of Little Busters! at JC Staff.

Missty-chan Missty-chan

I really, really tried to see it because I really like Key's works usually. But I couldn't. I couldn't bear most of the characters, except maybe for Kotori and Haruhiko. Kotarou is simply way too clichéd and borring for me. The other two are clichéd as well but... they're sort of cute, so it's good.

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