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Member Opinions

Glukogen Glukogen

Hmm, that's pretty specific story, at least I have rarely met anime with so many old-age characters. Some might think - what is the kind of agitation unequal marriages? And what can you do if love knows no age. And the man after fifty years should not just sit by the fireplace and read a newspaper. But new and deep feelings need reflection, so they meet many obstacles. That in overcoming the obstacles (fear, habits, opinions of society) is to plot the anime
And there are many beautiful and probably delicious Italian dishes as well!

ghost945 ghost945

love the story setting, so realistic. love the cinematic effect of the anime, so tv drama or even movie like. love the various relationships between and among characters, so touching and warming. love how each character was given attention to develop and share their stories. there aren't many action yet there are a lot going on in each episode.

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