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CyanideBlizzard's Ro-Kyu-Bu! Tv Review

Rated: 6

Dist : As much as we have been nitpicking, the story itself is actually not that bad. When it focuses on a character it does it well, when it focuses on the game it works, basically everything that a sports show should do.

It’s when the show decides to force it’s “humor” is when it falls on it’s face. It also spends way too much time focusing on Subaru, when no one really gives a damn, or should. The focus should be on the girls, but that too is a problem because when it does focus on them, they are almost always having the oddest conversations that make me feel quite uncomfortable. Thankfully these are fairly far and few between.

Overall I’m a bit mixed about this one.

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Member Opinions

blackheaven23 blackheaven23

I watch this series and definitely I like it since it is a loli harem sporty anime. I like the plot, characters and story of this and it is a worth your time watching this. The only setback I can think of is that since it is just 12 episode anime so its just too short for me and the storyline was a little fast forward for me. Hopefully there will be a second season or at least an OVA series.

ghost945 ghost945

loli, 5 of them. seiyuu are all well-known and skillful but still just doesn't feel to resemble elementary school kids' voices. as story develops, we see more relationships being bonded and stregthened. But wonder whether the Japanese society norm is moving towards adoring primary school loli these days as being ok... isn't this kind of behaviour better avoided in the first place?

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

One of the best anime of this season. Beautiful presentation, voice selection and acting, plot and story line were 10/10.
Its a school, harem, romantic anime when a former basket ball player Subaru, who has graduated from his school is appointed to become a coach at the same school for the Girls Basket Ball club. 5 little girls, who are indeed his juniors are to be under his care for a while. Each episode full of fun and adventure.
The harem is ONII-CHAAn one so i hope you guys are looking farword to it

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