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Adapted from the Japanese series called Macross Robotech begins when an Alien Spaceship crashes into Earth while the people were at a World Civil War. After forming the United Earth Government, they repaired the ship, named Super Dimensional Fortress One (SDF-1), and were prepared to test flight it, but the arrival of a warmongering Aliens--the Zentraidi--began attacking the ship and the planet. Thus begins the battle for the survival of Earth (and the Crew of the SDF-1) as they try to prevent the Zentraidi from attacking the planet. Along the way, the Crew of the SDF-1 begin to discover more about the circumstances of the Aliens and about the SDF-1's capabilities related to Robotic Technology (RoboTech).

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minayuri minayuri

I have average feelings about Robotech, while I acknowledge it helped launch the anime boom alongside Starblazers and Speed Racer, I can't help but say that it skewed the concept of Protoculture from its' original meaning from the Macross continuity when it came to the Southern Cross and Mospeada arcs. Also some of the voices were poorly acted and some sounded too old for the characters actual age and the VA of Minmay was so god-awful, she sounded like a banshee when she spoke and sang, hearing her songs re-inforce my belief that Mari Iijima's songs were the best and brought out the best of Minmay. I blame Robotech for ruining Minmay's character reputation and it's sad to see Minmay bashed because how the Robotech series portrayed her. The only thing I prefer in the Robotech-verse over the original is from the Mospeada arc with Lancer's songs, they were great to listen to and his version of "We Will Win" is much better than Minmay's. Also Tony Oliver's performance as Rick Hunter was really good, I wish ADV had gotten him to reprise the role when they dubbed Macross, he was much better than Vic Mignogna as the role.

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