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Robotics Notes Series, Visual Novel

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Member Opinions

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I love the OP^^ The character interactions are really funny and nice to watch; especially Akiha, Kai and Subaru. I'm interested to see how the story ends up. What happened to Mizuka was really messed up, it felt even worse because Kai was right there and couldn't do anything to help her/stop it from happening. Really sad point in the series x(

kuryuki kuryuki

it took me quite a few tries to continue watching this.....i think 3-4 to be precise
the story's alright, the characters are alright it's overall a very average anime I guess
once you start watching you do get attracted to it...but it's a little slow paced in my opinion
it's good if you're just looking for something mild to pass time though, but with so many good ones this season this one gets squished out of the anime watching routine

awkwardusername awkwardusername

Forget about the mecha stuff, because I think this anime tries to imitate something i've seen before. And that is, pre-apocalypse setting with all the drama. I dunno why, but I watching how things flow in the anime doesn't really fit with all the stuff they are talking about.

I actually gave high hopes on this because of Steins;Gate.

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