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SnickerdoodleNinja's Romeo x Juliet Tv Review

Rated: 9

One of the major concerns that I personally have when I pick up romances is the concern that the series will become so in love with its main couple that it loses sight of all of its supporting characters. Considering both the title and play of origin, this was also a major concern of mine for Romeo x Juliet. However, RxJ proved me wrong, giving ample attention to a fairly large cast, whether it be the adorkable Romeo, the brooding, Batman-like Tybalt or even the comic playwright Will.

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Member Opinions

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

A story of a young and tragic love based on William Shakesphere’s play. Such a romantic short anime, the artwork is very beautiful. <33 All characters are awesome, especially Juliet. It is still rare to see a strong main female character in anime world. The plot is interesting. Though the ending is quite predictable, a little rushed, it is still a great anime. You MUST give this a try! =D

Glukogen Glukogen

I think W.Shakespeare couldn't be upset by this version of his works. I really have liked the world of Verona - like every little girl at childhood I dreamed about Pegas (unicorn, dragon etc.) This story was sad, and although sometimes it was too sweet I still like it

ilufa ilufa

Loved the mix of Shakespeare's plays donne on this anime: it has a lot from Romeo and Juliet but also from Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, etc.. It has the essence of that plays in a unique storyline.
The Red Whirlwind (Zorro-like) is my favourite character.
Neo-Verona as a mist between Europeen middle age and fantasy is also an amazing scenario.
And the opening song (translated version of Josh Groban's You Raise me Up) is so great I can't stop earing it.

Kaho1440 Kaho1440

I don't know why, but recently I've been jumped to Romeo-Juliet world - perhaps since I was ordered to handle project of 'The Butterfly Lovers' performance. Then I tried to watch this anime to get another perspective of Romeo & Juliet story (tragical love exactly). I'm quite satisfied with this anime. It's not just make animation based on legendary story, but Gonzo has made a tragical love anime on their own. I'm not very disappointed with the ending.

SnickerdoodleNinja SnickerdoodleNinja

Although, I respected Shakespeare's original play, I was never a huge fan of it, probably because its nature as a play meant there was next to no time for character development. This anime, however, I LOVED. While taking the basic premise of the play, Romeo x Juliet had wonderful character development, beautiful music and art, and expanded greatly on the story. And thought the ending was sad, it was filling and uplifting. Probably one of my favorite shows.


Sometimes it was so sweet I thought I was goint to get deabetes. But it was good, I loved the opening and the fin was pretty good. It has some changes from the real novel, good thing I think, it adds something new, and Shakespeare was funny.


This really does explain the story in a more realistic way, plot-wise. Very sad ending, an end where you actually wish Romeo and Juliet did not die. haha I always thought it was weird in the original how Shakespeare made an 18 year old, 13 year old relationship.

SourCucumber SourCucumber

Want my personal oppinion? Much better then the Shakespere version of the two lovers. However, keep this in mind, this story will probably be alot more fun to you if you HAVE read the original. Not saying you shouldn't watch it if you've never read Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet before, just that you'll probably like it better if you have.
Anyway, moving on. This series is a very cute little love story. And I really love how pretty much all of the characters we re-done and even given compleately different characteristics. (ex: Tybalt o__o ) Also, I thought it was totaly awesome how they made William Shakespeare an actual character in it! And a good character too! He even recites some famous quotes all throughout the anime, so Shakespeare fans, keep a lookout!
Something that I don't like about it? Just like in the original story, Romeo is a freaking puppy _ _" It's a little annoying. But I guess I can't get mad at him for being in love...
Update when completed! :)

HurtHattori HurtHattori

One if the greatest love stories of all time, you would think that every version of Romeo and Juliet is the same. And you're so wrong : Romeo X Juliet is a great adaptation, with just the right mix of original material and new ideas. I especially loved Juliet, who is a strong female lead who discovers her femininity as she learn to love Romeo, but all the characters are lovable (I even enjoyed Romeo's father because he was charismatic as a villain, but so tragic as a human).


This anime is awesomy-awesome! It's far more interesting than the original play, that's for sure. I find it funny that while Juliet's kicking butt as Odin, Romeo's a total pansy. xD Gonzo's art is top-notch, and the opening song is beautiful. I'm halfway through the series, but I'm definitely going to finish it. (Besides which, Tybalt is so cool!!!)

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