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Tsukune Aono is a normal high school freshman who is unable to get into any private school due to his poor grades. However, with help from his parents, he gets enrolled to a private school called Yokai Academy. When he arrives at the school, he soon discovers that Yokai Academy is a secret school for supernatural monsters and mythological creatures disguised as humans, and any human who finds out about its existence will be killed without mercy.

Realizing this, Tsukune fears for his life, thinking that his admission into Yokai Academy is a mistake. His luck soon changes when he quickly becomes friends with the beautiful Moka Akashiya, who turns out to be a vampire attracted to the sweet taste of his blood, sometimes biting Tsukune on the neck when the chance seems right. While at first Moka was upset upon discovering Tsukune's human identity, she realizes that he is the first real friend she had ever made. Despite Moka's vampiric nature, she is a kind girl and Tsukune quickly falls for her, and ultimately decides to stay at Yokai Academy despite the various dangers while hiding his human identity from the faculty and other students.

Tsukune soon discovers that when he removes the Rosario around Moka's neck, she transforms into her true vampire form (her true personality is sealed, the kind Moka being an artificial persona), being stronger and more powerful than almost any other creature at the school, and Tsukune is the only person who can physically remove it to transform her. However, "Inner Moka" has an entirely different, often cold and merciless, personality, thus the rosary is only removed in dire emergencies.

As the school year continues, Tsukune becomes involved with other students who start out as enemies but who are won over into becoming his friends: Kurumu Kurono, a busty succubus; Ginei Morioka, a perverted lech of a werewolf who is a second-year student and president of the school's Newspaper Club; Yukari Sendou, an eleven-year-old witch; Ruby Toujou, a witch from the human world, and Mizore Shirayuki, a snow woman who stalks around Tsukune, believing them to be soulmates. However, after Tsukune befriends each of the girls, they become friendly rivals along with Moka competing for Tsukune's affections, and later most become members of the school's Newspaper Club with Tsukune and stand by him even after they learn that he is really a human.

Credit: MisaSasekage

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Member Opinions

renlilica renlilica

Well as an otaku I really find it hard to find fault in anime but it'll be totally wrong if all the anime I watched were to get good and excellent, there are anime(anime is used both for plural and singular) which I watched that I didn't like. I was able to watch this anime all because of Mizore yukki and also because my sissy bought it thinking that it'll be a good one. What a bummer. But people who like ecchii genre might like it.

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

It's an entertaining anime but with a lot of fanservice. The strong point of this anime is the comedy and you can get a good laugh out of it. The character design is cute but the episodes are rather random. There's no much of a plot and it can get boring sometimes.

Dancerinthedark Dancerinthedark

I don't like Harem animes/mangas but the manga made me change my mind, the anime plot is so different from the manga I prefer the manga myself but still the anime wroth watching it, the arts is good and the characters are cute and funny too but I have a feeling that the first season's art is better than the second one,sometimes the girls act so stupid and there is so many episodes full of pointless fanservice, the first time I watch a harem anime full of ecchi and fanservise, they gone too far! so my advice is Read the manga and imagine everything as you are watching the anime, it will be better this way

DrewHans555 DrewHans555

I wish they had stayed true to the manga story line. The manga is worth reading; I would give it 10 out of 10. The anime, however, is horrible in my opinion. I think what ruined it for me is that the animators removed all of the main conflicts that exist in the manga and they changed the character's personalities.

StevOmaru StevOmaru

Certainly not a harem type anime or manga that you would usually think of. A great plot revolving around how the main character attempts to survive after accidentally enrolling into a monster school as he attempts to keep the ladies at bay. The manga is better than the anime in my opinion, but still a great watch. The characters are great and well made, very cute and sexy <3, and the setting is something very unique.

andy4andain andy4andain

I know this anime from my sister.She likes vampires so I said to me to watch this series.When I saw that it has ecchi in it I watched it completely!The comedy + ecchi really maked my mood.The vampires are originally from my country, Romania xD (here known as Dracula) The manga I still read it, and I hope that it'll be a third season anime too <3

HatedAngel HatedAngel

This actually would have been a ten if the anime wasn't so...so... full of ecchi ... really pointless eechi... I mean in some parts the girls underwear is sticking upwards for no reason, no wind blowing or anything and there skirts are so short there underwear is showing up even though they weren't even bending over. The manga however is one of my favorites and its not full of pointless ecchi


Watched the first 3 episode's or so... Started watching it cause of a friends reccomendation. But i just don't like ecchi. The plot seemed interesting at first though. Maybe I'll watch the rest, but ecchi parts are kinda irritating for me.

e1ectric e1ectric

Seen the first 6 episodes. Not bad so far, a lot of fanservice to the point that I feel like they made it more for the fanservice than the plot from the manga (although that also had a lot of fanservice). Some things that annoy me are when moka sucks Tsukune's blook they put up an annoying splash screen of lips, like they're trying to write it off as a kiss, and also when pink Moka changes into white Moka they do this 'suit change sequence' reminiscent of the Power Rangers I used to watch as a kid (honestly are they trying to cater to little kids by censoring the blood sucking and doing a power rangers costume change sequence, then trying to bring in the above grade school audience with the fanservice?) Well it's still pretty good so far.

DiEs2882 DiEs2882

honestly...i love the manga version...

the anime its quite good...it just there's so many cut out from the manga version...
yet the anime more focus to harem and ecchi part...
but it's still good at least...

love the character...especially moka and kurumu...they both sexy...:D
and love the "churu-churu paya-paya" OST...XD

t1myah t1myah

i don't generally get into much harem anime but i was in the mood for some ecchi and this is what i came across. not much depth to the story although i did enjoy watching it enough to find and watch capu 2 and if they ever produce a capu 3, i will more than likely watch it.

drizzero drizzero

It's a story about a boy who finds himself trapped in an unlikely situation, he ends up on a school for monster, whose purpose is to blend in with the humans... well he manages to hold on to himself by allying himself with a bunch of girl-monster who fall in love with him for different reasons... It's hummored packed, and a tiny little bit naughty (panty-wise), I really loved the way they play with the skirts. It also has a bit of emotinal turnmoil around the characters. A must see...

VampireKeita VampireKeita

One of my favorite anime, amazing story plot, characters and was a good watch. It has many lovable characters, like the one human boy in the whole school of demons, obviously the main character, and the ditz of a vampire that no one listens to.

madalin88 madalin88

Watched the first season and like it, now when i'll have time i'll watch and the second season.

Seen only the episodes released on dvd from Capu 2, got to say i love the OP and ED clip , hope that they release a clean version of it. Overall better story than the first season :) .


Another ecchi anime from Gonzo animation! How do you think about this one? In my opinion, it has beautiful graphic, cute characters and... sexy scenes (OK, not a hentai, just a branch of hentai). Therefore, children are not allowed to watch this kind of hell because they overused underwear-to-underwear actions. I'm also tired of watching these.

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