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Kairi Honami has had a rough life: he doesn't know anything about his parents, who ran away one night because of unpaid debts and left him all alone. An old cleaning lady working at the high school dorm he's staying at helps him out by paying his tuition fees, but Kairi is forced to quit school when she falls ill. Wandering the streets in search of a higher-paying job, Kairi runs into an old man who seems to be lost; after taking him to his destination, the old man offers Kairi a very well-paid job as a housekeeper. Kairi agrees wholeheartedly but soon finds out that this job doesn't involve being a housekeeper, but being...the "wife" of Shou Limnio Ecuratol, the crown prince of Ecuratan!

The sequel is the novel "The Royal Fiancé: White Prince".

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

No, it's not realistic. Yes, it's a guilty pleasure.
The plot is as cliché as they come: High School Boy is left parentless and is taken care of by a stranger, who in turn falls ill and has to be supported, so High School Boy makes a deal with a stranger and finds himself in for more than he bargained for. I have to admit I kept laughing and shaking my head at all the stupid misunderstandings and impossible situations everyone got into, especially near the end with the wtf!tree which made me laugh out loud. The cheesiness, it is sometimes too difficult to bear!

The art is very flowery: you have your typical bishie seme and your typical doe-eyed uke who doesn't dare raise his voice against his "master". I can't say the art isn't clean or well-done, because it is, but it makes the characters (especially Kairi) look quite effeminate.

And, well, I can't get over how improbable the whole thing is - even though it's yaoi and, hey, it's a light read. It could've been quite an interesting plot despite it being done before, but in the end it fell into mediocrity. Still, high rating because I enjoy seeing doormat ukes being tormented when they are too pure (read: stupid) to speak up!

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