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Jun Sakurada is not an average boy of his age. Due to some event of the past, Jun has spent most of his recent life in his room, unable to properly socialise. One day, he comes across a doll. This doll, however, is no ordinary doll. It's the 5th Rozen Maiden Doll Shinku, and it comes into life when Jun gives it a couple of winds.

Shinku 'enslaves' Jun into becoming her "medium". Jun and Shinku soon come across Suigintou, another Rozen Maiden Doll who is determined to defeat Shinku in the "Alice Game" to become the ultimate "Alice". Shinku must fight through the obstacles coming against her and help Jun break out of his unstable life.

Description: euna

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Shoujoboy's Rozen Maiden Tv Review

Rated: 9

Rozen Maiden is a hard show to put my finger on. The plot was fairly easy to follow, not too horribly deep and at times, fairly cliche. But the show was very enjoyable and quite engaging. I laughed, felt sad, was empathetic and weirded out all over the course of the twelve episodes. While the show was fun to watch, critically speaking, it missed a few marks on making it great. The weak plot, the lack of character development and the few cliche moments in the show held it back from attaining that top 10 quality. For those with an open anime state of mind, this show should provide some fun and excitement. For those with pickier tastes, this may end up being a waste of your time.

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Member Opinions

KiyanaIkebana KiyanaIkebana

Very nice, the fist season was more funny and cute. It shows the "normal" life of the maidens, but in the most funniest why! xD
The second season was more about the destiny of the dolls, "the alice game". I thought, it will be very thrilling batlle between the maidens, but I was disappointed. Anyway, I was happy about the end! :)

singlemoon singlemoon

I only watched the Traumend, I only watched the TV anime partially.
So in my opinion, it's pretty original, but I don't see what's so great about the whole series. ^^; I just don't find the reason to favor this series. But I'll give credit for the Op and ED theme for Traumend (is an OST chaser) and the graphic. The ending was a bit harsh and some of the dolls are pitiable.
Hm..what else, oh, my review in five words;"Dolls aren't just for boys." XD

princessmeyrin023 princessmeyrin023

I only finished Traumend and I really love it. The dolls thing was kind of creepy but this kind of series is what I really like. My favorite doll is probably Shinku. The dolls are adorable and Suigintou kind of scared me. I love the opening and ending songs of Traumend. I would also watch the other seasons if I have time to.

ghost945 ghost945

good plot but ending a bit diasppointing. why the hell did they still battle out? it seemed to me that they, at least sinku, did find an alternative in season 1. who the hell was rozen? his id ever revealed? who the hell was that rabbit thingy? many questions remained unanswered. seiyuu lifted the anime.

GunsxShurikens GunsxShurikens

I wish I had bought it's complete DVD the time I saw it on sell. Story is awesome and I personally doesn't play with dolls, but I love this anime as it's filled with fantasy and magical stuffs. Just what I love to have in an anime.
Recommended to those who love magical, action and humorous type anime.

Ex3im Ex3im

Very good anime about mystical dolls, that want to become the real girl. It have some differences from original manga and 2-nd season is fully independent product, but no less interesting. OVA will help to understand Suiginto and her hate to another sisters.

fireflywishes fireflywishes

This was a surprisingly good series. I didn't think I'd like a series where the main character was a boy and the dolls fought each other. However, I liked the dolls' personalities and character designs. (And Nori was pretty cool too)


Wonderful animation and music. The dolls are adorable too. But I don't like the story much-- not my preference.
It sometimes doesn't compel me to proceed to the next episode (I own a DVD.) immediately. Yes, it bored me sometimes. Everything happened so fast, and the plot just doesn't interest me entirely. But I definitely love the dolls-- it was what made me finish the series.

Darthas Darthas

Interesting story in general, despite it being about fighting and winning a war, it has it's surprising amount of comedy relief and drama. Certain characters to strike my bells though, with their interesting pasts, twisted notions, misunderstandings and sacrifices.

Dollydi Dollydi

I love Rozen Maiden :X :X :X !!! It's a BEAUTIFUL series with 26 episodes . Has three seasons:
1.Rozen Maide - 12 episodes
2. Rozen Maiden Traumend - 12 episodes
3. and a Ova : Rozen Maiden Ouverture - 2 episodes
Is an anime that I recommend to all.
My favorite characters are Shinku and Barasuishou

TheBloodStains TheBloodStains

Wow I never thought I be watching a anime like this I usually HATE porslin dolls there just so creepy O_O
but these dolls are pretty cool alil girly but cool I mean who dosent want to watch dolls fight for lives and attetion I especially like the dark angel doll Sugintou and the main doll Shinku. The music is really nice good style for this anime.

chalupa chalupa

Touches upon the angst and pain of everyday life using battle-dolls. While the first season is subtle and psychological, the second expands upon the plot and injects a lot more action into the later episodes. The OVA bridges the gap between the two seasons rather well. Traumed's infamous deus ex magina ending was so horribly unforgivable that the studio even apologized for it.

BloodExcel BloodExcel

Rozen Maiden is a particular title that certainly deserves attention. The themes are very attractive as the tree in the heart and isolation. The strongest point in the anime is the struggle to reach the purity and perfection, Alice Game. The Rozen Maiden have as life purpose to kill each other, the only surviving, the one that has proven to be the strongest, will become a perfect being. The design is very detailed. The OST blends very well with the Gothic style.

ukato ukato

Amazing. Really, this storyline has to be the work of a psycho! I enjoyed it so damn much I even found all related material and read it through! I fell in love with this anime! And I'm not gay! It's just so amazing if you get really into it!

xXMeiranXx xXMeiranXx

This is a really nice anime, the animation is well done and full of detail, is funny, entertainig and CUTE!!!! XD I love the whole atmosphere of the anime, the plot is actually a bit simple for my taste but it makes the story fluid so, no complaints.

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