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angelearth10 angelearth10

Superior Defender Gundam Force is completely different from all other Gundam series in the Gundam line up. Please, understand this first of all. SDGF is based in an alternative world that has nothing to do with any in the other Gundam shows. It is mainly created for children or those light of heart.

SDGF is based in a futuristic world of Neo-Topia. Where our main character: Shoot - a young boy - lives. In Neo-Topia human's and machines live in harmony. Where robots are workers, friends, and even pets. Also, there are no guns or weapons allowed within the peaceful Neo-Topia.

But behind the scene's of this peaceful place we have the 'Dark Axis' an evil group of Gundam's that are from an alternate dimension from Neo-Topia. That are attacking and taking over other worlds through the 'Zaco-Zaco Gate' that they stole. So, through this gate they have transported themselves threw time and space with their ship 'Magnum Mu-sigh' and unleashed their 'Ba-goo Ba-goo' ; small mosquito/fly type of machine that has the ability to inject a chemical that can change any organic life into stone aka concrete. With these methods they have already taken over the alternative world of 'Lacroa'. Thus setting there sights over to Neo-Topia and another world called 'Ark'.

Thus, a band of hero's start to form. Captain Gundam from the secret SDG base of 'Neo-Topia'. The Winged Knight: Zero from 'Lacroa'. An a Samurai named Bakunetsumaru from the world of 'Ark'. As well as Shoot the human boy from 'Neo-Topia'.

The reason Shoot is apart of this team is because of his friendship with Captain. With Shoot around Captain is able to access his 'Soul Drive'. The living force within these walking and talking and super cute Gundam's. Though the 'Soul Drive' itself has different abilities for each Gundam.

Thus, with our band of hero's and the support of the SDGF Base and Captain Haru. They set off to defeat the 'Dark Axis' that has shown itself on Neo-Topia's doorstep.

But the story goes behind this point of just saving Neo-Topia from becoming a concrete parking lot. It goes into depths of the other worlds of 'Ark' and 'Lecroa'. Creating new issues for our hero's and new relationships.

And through it all the show has its light moments, funny moments, serious moments, sad moments, and happy moments. As long as your not looking for a serious 'Gundam' series I suggest giving this one a try. Though if you are a 'Gundam' fan as I am but don't mind a semi-kiddish series. You just might like SD Gundam. Its a whole new universe apart from the main stream Gundam and I find it surprisingly entertaining and dare I say thought provoking once you get to the second season.

So, give it a chance and see if you can recall where some of the the SDG characters come from in the main stream Gundam line.


SolemnSerpent SolemnSerpent

This series was the first series as a younger kid that I actually despised. And for someone who loved Power Rangers and Beast Transformers, that's a damn feat. To put it nicely: dear moldy Deity, this show is absolutely horrendous. "It's Gundam, what could possibly go wrong?" "EVERYTHING." First of all, the designs make me cry. The Gundams are all miniature/chibi in appearance. How am I supposed to make a tiny Gundam seriously? I had a less difficult time hating Kira during his sob fests during battle than this drivel. The other thing: the animation. Everything is in 3D, which in this case, makes everything more pathetic looking, especially the Gundam's eyes - which look bright, and overly desu desu kawaii. The next is the big one - THE GUNDAMS SPEAK. "Whattttt~!?" whatthehelliswrongwithyoupeople.gif - yes, the Gundams actually speak in this series, and wow, will this slaughter your childhood. Heero is crying in his sleep, I'd bet. I know I am.

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