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In a world populated only by men, Terra II, the surviving men have fashioned curvaceous androids in the female form. They are called Marionettes, and are built for one purpose--to obey man's every whim...except one.

While these beautiful mechanical beings are modeled after women in every way, to fall in love with them is taboo. So what is the poor boy Otaru Mamiya to do when he develops a massive crush on a Marionette named Lime, a unique Saber model with a special circuit that gives her emotions? When Otaru awakens two more mysterious Saber Marionettes, his life as an average man quickly becomes as extraordinary as the circuitry under the flesh of his busty new friends.

Credit: sarisasenshi

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Kori's Saber Marionette Ova Review

Rated: 7

Throughout the 6 episodes, Saber Marionette J Again tries to keep up the humour in various ways, like raising the level of fan-service (the ecchiness, that is) and taking advantage of the fact that Otaru, being quite a shy guy, is living with seven girls, after all.

If you loved the first series you will most likely like this one as well, but if you thought the first series was mediocre then there's a slight chance that you will think this one is dull. The OAV is supposed to be like a bridge between the first series and J to X, but in spite of that, it can be skipped. It doesn't add to anything particular so you won't miss much, except for some minor character development of the old characters, mostly Lime.

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Member Opinions

ghost945 ghost945

repeatative storyline. first three were developed then another three then expanded from there. but love the concept that robots also have a heart that could be natured and cared for. characters all looked pretty much similar, maybe due to the fact they were all clones.

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