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MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Decided to pick up this show randomly. I wasn't sure where this show was going at first but the ending was good. Nice to see FictionJunction is still making music. I like Kijima Knight! I figured Kenmi would turn out to be the bad guy, he gave off the vibe that he couldn't really be trusted. As usual villians do, once he got the power he sought after for so long he couldn't control that power and lost whatever mind he had left. Tandoji was okay. It was a little sad seeing Ruri and Aoi's past; seeing how the latter ended up the way she did. I liked Fei. All in all, positive character developments for the series as a whole. The final scene before the epilogue was touching as well, showing Ruri’s long-awaited reunion with Aoi. The ending was good. A decent series altogether.

strawberry15 strawberry15

Good drawings and good story, at first I had troubles to accept it but with the time I started to like a lot this Anime especially the chapter of Aruma and Ruri (I could't miss the fact that the characters design it's very similar to Code Geass :O)

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Coolest anime of this season, full of action and romance.. but the good thing is our dumb HERO (usuall) is not that dull. ;D. Its good to have such an anime. I am pretty sure that all types of anime lovers will love it. Simply perfect.. If u are into Meca or romance or action or supernatural or even a little amount of detective.. u will fince it here.. lol
Awesome anime. giving 9.75
Indeed since its a recent release so presentation and sound are also of very high quality... XD

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