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Cal-reflector's SaiKano Ova Review

Rated: 8

The story is told through the perspective of Lieutenant Mizuki, which is a good thing, as Mizuki is one of the most dynamic, humane characters I have seen in anime, and it is to the staff's credit that they managed to bring her to such life in just two episodes... whereas some 50% of anime characters never manage to gain even a semblance of a personality over the span of full-length series. Without giving the story away: In the beginning, Mizuki is a soldier who yearns for more power to do her duty, and is frustrated by what she percieves as an immature, selfish attitude in Chise, who possesses the power she lacks.

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Member Opinions

ghost945 ghost945

very moving towards the end. but why the hack was she turned into bioweapon in the first place? why human? why a girl? and why her? never mentioned. just forced to take it as it is. main characters are pretty well developed. lots of insights, lots of self reflecting and lots of love is shown between different relationships.

ashiiya ashiiya

This anime is definitely up there with Bokurano and Higurashi. I've never seen such a love story being used to portray humanity T^T *spoilers?* especially around the end where Shuji says that her diaries were the records of how humanity came to an end (or -was- coming to an end). The ending was so heartwrenching, how she didn't exist physically anymore T__T; I'm surprised I didn't go insane after watching this...


One of the best animes I have seen. It is not another childish "school-life" anime, maybe it looks like that at the beginning but it is not. In every farther episode it is getting "deeper". I finished it 4 days ago (27.12.2009) and I am still sad. I'm a boy but I couldn't just stop crying, that's because I understand what this anime is about, and what Creators wanted to show us. I also got the dvd collection of this, all episodes. As I'm anime collectiore :)

Onikami Onikami

The animation style is a bit rough (which I like, it gives it a vintage "original" feel) and the story has an acquired taste. I've already had some good moments and at the same time certain parts make it feel as if it's dragging. It really picked up and gained my interest as the story progressed further. However after watching the final episode, even though a part of me enjoyed it. Another part of myself couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed. ^_^;

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