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One after another, the guardian angels who had been sent to the human world have disappeared mysteriously.
Concerned by this event, a goddess sent 4 gods of beast: Blue Dragon/Seiryuu Gou, Green Snake/Genbu Shin, Red Phoenix/Sujaku Rei and White Tiger/Byakko Gai to the human world to investigate the incident .
As the story unfolds, The 4 Saint beast task is not only to find out who is the evil spirit beyond the incident, but also to rescue the guardian angels.

Synopsis by: Niomea

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

I enjoyed this series very much and the romance between the characters, especially Judas and Shin is really sweet. The voice acting is superb and well cast. I recommend this series for any fan of fantasy and shounen-ai. The characters are really likeable except for Shiva, I don't like how he acts towards Shin and thinks he's the only one who deserves Judas. The bond between the brothers Kira and Maya is really cute and seiyuu Tomokazu Sugita is awesome as Kira, his character and performance is almost like Genjo Sanzo of Saiyuki. Gai is the cutest and most likeable of the characters with his fox-like charms, he has quite the amazing character design with the fox-like features he has. Judas is definitely the most complex as a tragic hero to villain alongside Luca. The 2007 anime series and OVA were really good and enjoyable. The 2003 series was underwhelming and didn't really accomplish much in showing the conflict of the four Saint Beasts and their two former allies. If you do see this series, watch the OVA and the 2007 series first to understand the 2003 anime, but I feel the OVA and 2007 series stand well on their own.

Yvki Yvki

This is the very 1st shounen-ai movies I've watch. It has good composition, illustration also chara development. It give me touching story about friendship and love. And always have cool boys over. Okay, fangirl wordl ;D

ShannaxZala ShannaxZala

This series is seriously under-rated. But honestly, it's one of the best things I've watched. I'm not always watching a series for comedy, so I actually enjoyed watching it.
The story is very well written, and ALL of the guys are absolutely gorgeous and sexy. Their relationships are also very beautiful, the main reason I started watching the series in the first place. Although I wish the stories between the couples were more explained in the anime, the drama CD's were worth the time as well.
All of the boys in this anime are gorgeous, so it was hard for me to decide my favourite (But my favourite between all of the couples has always been Judas and Shin) but I finally settled on Shin. The beautiful and serene Shin~

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