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Tougenkyou (Shangri-la in English Dubs/Manga) is disturbed by the practice of forbidden science and magic that has created a Minus Wave, poisoning the souls of youkai (demons). The Sanbutsushin ("Three Aspects of Buddha") become aware of the situation and call out the highest of priests, Genjyo Sanzo, to stop the Minus Wave and the resurrection of the Ox-Demon-King Gyumaoh. The Sanbutsushin tell Sanzo to travel West with three youkai who weren't affected by the Wave: Son Goku, a heretic born from rock; Sha Gojyo, a half-demon; Cho Hakkai, a former human; and Hakuryu, Hakkai's Jeep-transforming dragon.

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Saiyuki is a long running franchise with a lot of components:
- Five Manga Series by Kazuya Minekura: "Sayuki" (1997-2002), "Saiyuki Gaiden" (1999-2009), "Saiyuki RELOAD" (2002-2009), "Saiyuki Ibun" (2009-ongoing), "Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST" (2010-ongoing).
- Four OVAs: "Saiyuki Premium" (1999) by Tokyo Kids; "Gensomaden Saiyuki: Kibou no zaika" (2002) by Studio Pierrot; "Saiyuki RELOAD -burial-" (2007-2008) by ARMS Corporation; "Saiyuki Gaiden" (2011) by Anpro.
- Four TV Anime: "Gensomaden Saiyuki" (2000-2001), "Saiyuki RELOAD" (2003-2004), and "Saiyuki RELOAD GUNLOCK" (2004); all by Studio Pierrot. "Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST" (2017) by Platinum Vision.
- One Animated Film: "Gensomaden Saiyuki Requiem: Erabarezaru Mono e no Chinkonka" (2001) by Studio Pierrot.
- Two Musicals: "Saiyuki Kagekiden", "Saiyuki: Dead or Alive".
- Two PS2 Games: based on "Saiyuki RELOAD" and "Saiyuki RELOAD GUNLOCK" (both released in 2004).

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Saiyukifan's Saiyuki Tv Review

Rated: 8

Humor!!! It has plenty of humor! Originality? Puh-lease! It is so original that it wants to make you jump and shout the whole day! It is original, why? Because it has humor, action and drama all in one show! Mostly humor and action but the drama follows. Either the drama is the character's past, present or emotions. The humor? It is when Goku and Gojyo fight, when Sanzo doesn't understand a joke, when Hakkai makes a joke that isn't really funny... It makes you think that they are real people only drawn to be watched. Their personalities are really human, except for that "fighting the demons" stuff. Action has the most scenes, I think. Because they have to have this journey, remember? And in every journey, there is danger in it's path.Everything is perfect. It is really original.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

I loved this series as the bishie fangirl in me and it was truly a wonderful take on the Journey to the West series. ADV's dub was really amazing and the VA's delivered great performances. For the Reload and Gunlock series I watched them in the original Japanese dub. I don't think they cast the right VA's for the characters in Bang Zoom's dub of both series, for example I believe Lex Lang would've suited Gojyo better than Sanzo and Crispin Freeman for Sanzo. Other VA's among Bang Zoom's VA troupe that would've been better choices; Liam O' Brien for Kougaiji, Steven Blum for Dokugakuji, Melissa Fahn for Lirin, and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn for Kanzeon Bosatsu. The first Saiyuki series was a blast with fantastic animation and two action packed seasons, with my favorite being the Homura arc...oh Homura was so sexy just like Sanzo and Gojyo are. The Hazel Grouse arc in Gunlock is much better than the Kami-sama arc in Reload. I'm so glad the series is returning that will conclude the journey of Sanzo and the gang. It's going to be an epic season to see how it will all come down, plus all the main seiyuu reprising their roles.

agent-Achika agent-Achika

Well I've seen all of the ADVFilms version ot seen the OVA Buriversion.

The show was fuy as hell.
I love the manga but the OVA is awsome!
Im still reading the manga right now.
I even own the manga & a few Salty Dawg artbooks.


I enjoyed this as a retelling of Journey to the West, but ended up giving up on the fact that, in the end, it basically stopped going anywhere. As such, I only have the first series and the movie, and feel no pressing desire to acquire the rest.

SnickerdoodleNinja SnickerdoodleNinja

This show was both interesting and amusing, except that you get through 52 episodes and realize that they haven't solved what they set out to accomplish, and that they won't in the next 52 episode season either. I also could have done without all the language, smoking, drinking, and occasional sexual references. Still, it was fun and you have to love Kogaiji. I <3 Vic Mignogna as awesome demon prince!

SolitaryAngel90X SolitaryAngel90X

I love the art and the story line. I was already familiar with the story "Journey to the West" from all the old chinese shows i've watched. This was even better than that. <3 <3 <3 the characters are also HOT!! I love them!

ghost945 ghost945

very innovative. having a monk who not even smoke, but also play majong and uses a gun as weapon. this is fantastic! afterall, saiyuki is an imaginery novel. put it into today's context, it'll only make it ever more popular. other characters are also very creative and all come with their distintive personality. characters were shown their depth and developed throughout even for the enemies. love this anime.

ShinLanceVulcano ShinLanceVulcano

Another quite nice anime adaptation of the Chinese epic "Journey to the West". I like what I've seen until now, even though it could be supposedly oriented at girls (mainly due to the Bishonen-like characters and stuff)


This was the first anime I've watched and that got me hooked on everything to do with Japan. I love how the group grew as the story progresses and all the more because even after 500 years, they're still the best of friends, they are a band of brothers.

ayaklueze ayaklueze

This series has it all! Fun, action, drama and... oh... actually not much romance XD. Even if it has lot of weird episodes, you cant get bored XD. A must-watch! Definitely. Same with it sequels.
Fave Character: Genjo Sanzo


The manga is much better. The anime holds too many fillers and the plot is jumpy, if you can even consider there being one. You're better off reading the manga and about, 15-20 episodes of the first main series to get the extra 'Homura' arc not available in the manga.

josephine12cute josephine12cute

saiyuki is such a kick-ass manga and its anime counterpart is also a kick-ass

filled with 4 traveling anti-heroes as main characters (who always end up almost killing each other, except for Hakkai) but you'll find them lovable and interesting

the anime series is mostly filled with fillers (due to the few events in the manga and its slow progression) but these are worth watching and i think the manga is already in the final installment (reload blast) of the saiyuki phenomenon so there are lots of events to watch for


This anime has it all! Action, Comedy,Drama... I own the complete Season of Saiyuki and hope to add Reload to my colection one day. I've seen every episode and read all the Saiyuki Reload mangas. I have downloaded an episode once, but I'd rather just watch it one the internet.


It's been a long time since I've been this excited over a manga. The anime feels a little rushed, though, only skimming over my favorite parts instead of allowing the proper time needed to be drawn into the story, but it's worth it nonetheless.


my first anime!!!!
i love it!!
the heroes are incredibly funny, witty and not forgetting, strong.
even though they encounter youkai, likes in every eps, but they somehow manage to make it more interesting than just a fight..
plus,no matter how hungry goku can be or how goyjo can be so full of himself or how calm hakkai can be and sanzo practically smokes like there's no 2moro...dis story definitely guaranteed to give you lots of emotion!

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