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minayuri minayuri

This was such a charming little series that touched my heart in the various emotional scenes that took place as the story progressed. Such a heartfelt drama done in such a beautifully crafted way in how one can relate and/or connect to one of the characters. I connected to the story of Sentaro, he touched me the most with his warm and fun personality that shines through his tough guy exterior, combined with his sensitive and caring heart, I'd definitely would want to give Sentaro a hug. The human element is a key piece I liked in this series as there were flaws within the characters themselves that balance out their strengths. I also loved the time period in which the series is set and the coming-of-age tale it tells in how the characters grow from high school students to adults. Shinichiro Watanabe does an amazing job with slice-of-life dramas as he does with sci-fi stories like Cowboy Bebop and Macross Plus. Yoko Kanno works her magic as always with the jazzy music score. If one thing I wished the series did; though minor, was include seiyuu like Kouichi Yamadera and Megumi Hayashibara as guest voices that would've been a nice touch.

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