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minayuri minayuri

I understand that there is a manga of the series that tells more of the story from where the anime stopped, but I don't think I want to after what I've read what happens to the characters. I'm glad that Touma manned up at the end and sought out his goals as an individual, but I feel for Urara considering her father lives outside the country due to his work and that she is lonely. I still think the relationship between Touma and Urara was underdeveloped and really didn't give it's time to shine, it spent too much screen-time in the love triangle stuff. All-in-all, the anime itself had wasted potential and this is one of many examples the bad side of older anime is that many adaptations are often left unfinished and used as promotional material for the manga. I wasn't that thrilled with the seiyuu performances either, they were average at best. I question why this series was licensed way back when, especially when much better romance anime shows were available at the time and ignored that are more shelf-worthy, like Mamotte Shugogetten!.

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