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raflesia raflesia

I 'm reading this wonderful,touching manga, I haven't yet given a full 10 because I still have to finish reading, but I think that when I 'll finish reading ,I'd like to give this magnificent work a much higher rating than ten...Arigatou Watasesensei.

aureawolf aureawolf

A masterpiece by Watase-sensei! Here we can see the influence of tragic and tortuous relationships such as Ai no Kusabi or Fujimi Orchestra, but with a more elegant art and turn of events. Really, it astound me to read such a mature work right when I was getting used to the shoujo dynamics in Watase's work. The spicy scenes are priceless and carefully drawn so it looks very real. But the most valuable thing is the ending... It hurts like hell, but it's worth it and you get to understand that it couldn't have any other ending to support such a good story. TT__TT <3

Maki Maki

Never had followed any Watase Yuu story, but this one is catching, moving, but at times also terrifying, you definitely have to be open to many types of things that if happened in real life would be entirely disturbing

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