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Spanning several games, two OVAs, a movie, a 26 episode TV series, and several volumes of manga, Sakura Taisen is a name that spans across all mediums. In the 1920s, Japan is a prosperous country. Steam technology is everywhere, from household appliances to airships. However, amidst this prosperity, the Imperial Capital of Tokyo is under attack by a dark force. Conventional methods won't work in fighting this enemy and more drastic means are required.

Enter the Imperial Combat Troupe, Flower Division. Made up of almost entirely middle aged girls, they use their strong spiritual powers to pilot mechanical armor called Kobu. With each Kobu wielding the pilot's specialty (sword, melee, guns, etc.), they fight against the evil. In addition to being an elite group of warriors, the Flower Division also doubles as the Imperial Theater Troupe. As talented singers, dancers, actors and actresses, they entertain the public during the times of war.

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Member Opinions


As much as I like the franchise, I admit that the TV series ad OVAs are not really anything special without background from the games. Still, they're good for what they are, and I have all of the ones that got US releases. Odd that they haven't released the OVA to the only game that got a US release over here.

ghost945 ghost945

pretty good though seems to drag on a bit with so many anime/ovas/games etc. running theme well thought out combining elements of mystery and detective and action fighting. there's few relationships touched on but not expressed enough. characters development remained focusing on sakura mainly. pity. songs pretty good.

minayuri minayuri

I love the Sakura Wars franchise very much with the TV series and motion picture being my favorites, but I didn't care too much for the second OVA, felt like filler episodes to me, and wished they kept up with production of the TV series for at least 3 more seasons, with each season covering the events of games 2-4 and so forth. Great cast of seiyuu and the songs were memorable and the best kind of musical anime out there.

reb-el reb-el

An overall good series, marred only by the major villains having minimal character development and no explanation on why his cronies keep appearing over and over again (and no explanation as to why they are on his side).

The OVAs are excellent, but you pretty much NEED to play the games to understand the story in them, as they are meant purely to supplement the game they are based on.

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