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Da Capo I
Sakura Yoshino is a small blonde-haired teenager with a child-like appearance who comes to Hatsunejima to see Jun'ichi, a person who she loves very much. This event conflicts with Nemu, Jun'ichi's adopted sister.
It's been six years since she left Hatsunejima to study at America. To Jun'ichi's eyes, her appearance has hardly changed.
Despite her child-like appearance and her care-free personality, she is very smart. Has the qualifications to become a teacher.
Sometimes seen with a strange looking cat who she calls Utamaru. She does not own her. She lives alone with Utamaru.
Her common apparel is two blue ribbons for her twin-tailed hair style. For school, she wears the standard school uniform. When not at school, her casual appearance is a white blouse with a red mini-dress over it.

Da Capo II
50 years have passed since D.C.I, Sakura is now a principal at the school.
Utamaru's presence being unknown, Sakura acquires another strange pet that accompanies her at times, a white brown-spotted dog named Harimao; she lives with Harimao and Yoshiyuki Sakurai.
Her appearance has slightly changed: she still has her twin-tailed hair style but with a slightly different look - she has replaced her blue ribbons for black-colored ribbons with white-ended lining. Her most common apparel is the uniform she wears at school and at home.

Da Capo III
Kiyotaka Yoshino and Ricca Morizono have come across a small short-haired blonde female who has no memory of her past. Holding a cherry blossom branch, she reveals her name is Sakura.

Credit: AZD-A9S

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