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Tabbybabes' Samurai Deeper Kyo Tv Review

Rated: 7

I would have to say that the majority of Samurai Deeper Kyo, but then I haven't seen as much anime as others. Unlike other animes like this (Think Kenshin), pairings aren't ever very clear save for the one exception (Yuya and Kyo). But don't expect a great deal of affection coming from any real pairing. Yaoi-ness between Kyo and his students are non-existent. Only one pairing seems to have that flavor. I loved watching the anime and I was just glad that I had the fortune to have all twenty-six episodes. If you'd like to get a general plot, go to,933,mplzhx,samurai_deeper_.html. I would give the entire series an eight, but then I'd be an amateur, or just very biased. Overall, I would most definitely watch the entire series again if I had the time.

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Above all else, I must question how they managed to fit destroying the Tokyo Tower in here. Considering the series is set, and supposedly ends, centuries before this iconic magnet for destruction was ever conceived, I must profess my reluctant admiration.

renlilica renlilica

Well the anime had a great start. especially Demon Kyo he's awesome his smirk is cool, and his arrogance adds to his charm, he's not bad in his demon form with his long red hair but I prefer him in his other form. I dislike the girl forgot her name she's a pain in the butt. Well for people looking for action this might not be the anime you are looking for.

fireflywishes fireflywishes

Reviewing on MANGA ONLY. I absolutely abhor the anime. The manga is one of my favorite series of all times. Love the characters and overall storyline. Be prepared for a twist towards the end! My favorite characters are Akira (for his always striving to be better attitude), and Hotaru (for his aloofness, but can be quite sharp when necessary).

singlemoon singlemoon

Goodness, what happened? What the hell is wrong with the anime? I understand anime should be a tad different than the manga, but in my eyes, the anime is a very definition of catastrophe!!!
It's short and lots of fact got changed, even the ending is somewhat horrifying!
I didn't like the anime at all, not a bit. * grimace*
But I like the manga better, yes, manga always seems so perfect. Lots of fighting, yes, and lots of talking, yes. But also lots of love for the manga, since it's pleases both male and female readers. XD Nee?

ecnelisterger ecnelisterger

I reread the manga and I just have to love it. Thou the non-stop fighting chapter almost gave a headache. It's like there's not much of a 'resting' chapter in this series, there's always fight. It's good, but too much fighting is not really enjoyable for me.

OH MY GOD! What the heck happen to Samurai Deeper Kyo???
That's my reaction when I watch it, it's a disaster. The anime ruined the artwork' details and that's just sad. Only those who didn't read the manga will think the anime is good. So read the manga, before you watch the anime.

ghost945 ghost945

repeatative towards the end. another dragon ball style story. you fight, you almost died, you grew stronger, you fight, you almost died again, you get the picture. characters themselves are pretty good though. historic characters some are. they each have a face and reality side. we see how they grow up through story.


i LOVE LOVE this series!! Written by the same mangaka who wrote Code: Breaker, which is yet another amazing manga, I have fallen in love with this manga. I haven't yet watched the anime but I am reading the manga at the moment (quickly as I cannot leave it until I finish!!). Anyone who likes action, adventure along with romance should definitely try this~ XDD

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

I dont like (as a fan of realistic historical anime based on samurai stories) that when the fight is getting interesting the bad guy suddenly is transforming to a monster... Everything else is alright^_^ Like Yukimura and his personality here


The variations between this and the manga are just far out weird. The art was fairly decent and had enough of the stereotypical anime humor along with Kyo's bad ass personality to keep me entertained. It was an interesting relationship between Kyo and the rest of the gang who cannot wait for a chance to fight him and hopefully kill him in battle. It was decent enough, but not memorable.

ninyafreak ninyafreak

This is the first anime I watched in original Japanese audio and the reason why I became
an Anime fan. SDK is also my first favorite anime. I think the production should follow
the manga's plot because in 25 (is it 25? xD) episodes isn't enough for me.

woochann woochann

I bought this box set of the entire first season (I believe the only season that came out), and found it to be really not the best thing ever (definitely not my best buy ever). Haha, I liked some parts of it...but one of the worst samurai animes I've ever seen. I was really disappointed too! :(

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