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Strenoth's Samurai Girl Real Bout High School Tv Review

Rated: 7

Originality was covered in part by my review of the storyline, but it shoudl also be mentioned here: While the individual aspects of the plot seem to be very common themes in anime, the way in which there elements are put together and made into a single flowing story , so it's not a knock off of another series, it is it's own identity.

One thing I am glad to notice is minimal use of super deformed mode. While I don't dislike super deformed completly, I find that it used all to often when it isn't even needed for the bit of humor , which dulls it's effectiveness when it should be used. And while there is a lot of comedy involved, the comedy generally isn't placed in such a way as to hurt the flow of the story.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

Gonzo did not adapt this series very well and wasted its' potential; for an early 2000's series it hasn't aged well and the work on the animation is quite lazily made and inconsistent. The style of Keiji Gotoh's character designs by this time and for the majority of his future works from this period are a downgrade from how he designed characters from anime he did in the 1990's. This series is definitely at the bottom of the well of Gonzo's animation work. Another issue I have with this anime is the random hijinks combined with the display of showcasing character archetypes at their worst (especially with Azumi) that seem to overshadow the main conflict of the story. The 11th episode is wasted on pointless recap moments; I think it should've been an episode where Ryoko and Shizuma have a real heart-to-heart, see something more than a petty rivalry between them realizing each other's positive qualities, and knowing that there's feelings for one another within. I think the series would have been made better if it had been adapted by OLM for the production by Team Wasaki with Yuriko Chiba's character designs. Although I do think Ryoko is a strong-willed heroine and the song "Blue Weekend" by her seiyuu was a great tune to listen to. The ED song by Miyuki's seiyuu was really good as well with the live action sequence of Sakura Nogawa dressed as Miyuki and Ikue Kimura dressed as Ryoko.

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