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jakuro jakuro

They have done enough justice to the manga, its really been brought to life, which pleases me. This is a slow, drawn out series that will be tugging at your heartstrings throughout. Mei is a solid character, her resolve will leave you feeling like an asshole about how you've handled situations in your life.

KazablanKa KazablanKa

Wahh,i liked an anime called "Say I Love You"??!
Well,it's obvious that it wasn't the story what attracted me to this (in fact,i felt disgust when i read the story on MyAnimeList for the first time!),but there were some points that made me watch it, ending liking it..
:.The Art: it is just the top reason, i'm a person who may watch things only for the Graphics! and in this anime, they just nailed it; i loved it so much, and finally, they made the "guy" (Yamato) really looks beautiful, and the "girl" (Mei) so beautiful too, the much she would worth! (also,i guess this returns to the fact that i like that style of a short hair -^.^- ). i mean; i'm just sicking tired of the popular dude who falls in love with the one that you can find a prettier chick everywhere, and much better!. But here, i didn't have that much object.
:.The Fashion Show: i mean their outfit. Mei's outfits (also yamato's) really catches me, i'm just into the "casual" outlook, and the Japaneses casual is my fav! so i loved their outfits like, very much (it's a personal taste though..). Their school uniforms killed me though =____= .
:.The HD (it's just my weak point, and i knew i must to put it here..).
:.The Voice Actors (or sound/music in overall): i liked the voice acting the most of them, for me they were just fitting well (Mei's one in most, Kayano Ai did a great job!)
also for the Background music,i liked it in general..
For the OP & END themes, i know that most people won't like them, but for me i felt they were actually fitting very well,and i liked the OP in some parts (but surely not my fav OP or END theme for an anime, at all!).
:.Characters: not the best of the anime! but i don't know why,i liked Mei ,i mean she's beautiful, got a great taste in outfits, not the Happy Innocent Dumb Hot type (obviously!), Cool, Has her funny moments, quite... and oh yeah; very short and got that hair style!
you know,in most times; i'd hate this heroine, and i started the anime hating her, but ending it with making her my fav..
Telling the truth,Yamato isn't that bad too,i mean yeah i hate the popular dude type, specially his, but i guess now he isn't that much of a bad one (but i still fav the BadAsses *o* )
for others, i didn't hate one practically,i just surely hated the ones who fall for the mains, but i'm glad they get done with them in a short time (sometimes it's not too short, but still better than others!!).
:.The Story: yeah i know.. i said i didn't like the story, and i didn't!
but i just didn't hate it that much when i WATCHED the anime, and how it progress (well,first eps killed me). i know lots of ways and things that could make the story much worse.

I guess i said just too much, but i felt i needed to explain (most to my self!) why i rated this anime high..
but let's be real,if you hate romance(like me) and you know you can't take all that Kissing and all that blushing around (well,somehow like me =.= ,but i survived ^.^),then you SO shouldn't watch this anime, but if you can or a romance "watcher",then this is made only for you, Enjoy.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

The second romance I was watching for the season; the other being Sakurasou. Pretty much a series showing you a darker/a bit more realistic side of highschool romances. Couldn't really get into the series, though it did have some funny moments.

fireflywishes fireflywishes

Love this manga! I wish it were released a little more often... Yamato is so hot! I am looking forward to seeing what happens next in their relationship.

EDIT: I love this manga and was so happy to hear it finally got it's own anime! So far they're staying pretty true to the manga storyline... though... I do like the manga art quality better than the animation. I think Mei looks a lot cuter in the manga than the anime. (And Yamato's voice took an episode to get used to. Was higher pitched than I imagined it in my head.)

kuryuki kuryuki

I was hesitating to watch this because the ..well I hated yamato's hair u_u
but I'm glad I did (:
Love the innocence in this and character interactions
reminds me a lot of kimi ni todoke because both characters are so pure (: but they do progress faster than in kimi ni todoke
i find it kind of similar to tonari no kaibutsukun though i mistaken them quite often u_u story wise..////

): like tonari no kaibutsu kun this ended really ..not completed D: waiting for another season~!

evilxangel evilxangel

Very lovely story.The animation was really cute and there was scenes were my heart pounded a little.Im sure many girls liked it because the can identify with the protagonist.Its a good anime to prove how love can really be and how wonderful it is.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

I didn’t think they would have ever been able to come up with a female character more nerve-wracking than Sawako, and instead they did it... it really is true that there’s no limit for the worst! Mei is the total nothing, absolutely trivial, always sullen; she moves, speaks and acts with an incredible calm, almost bored, as if nothing cares to her and she’s forced to do so. Her look is scary and all that comes out of her mouth are mumbled phrases. Making all of the school girls seem mawkish blithe geese does not automatically make an insignificant insect look like someone interesting just because she's different. Spineless girls gives me hives! And I have to believe that a perfect guy would care of such a nullity? But some credibility, really! These anime are created by dreamers who have not the slightest knowledge of the social dynamics. Absurd stories like this seem more fake than flying robots!
The opening, a boredom-fetched, makes you fall asleep even before the episode begins. The progressive introduction of new characters to spice up the story doesn’t work, because Mei is simply BORING and UNINTERESTING. The story is trite, predictable, already seen almost 100 times, not original at all.

KENJI NAKANISHI: "I love the way you smile, how you shine when you're happy. The way you act, the sound of your voice... I feel happy every time I see you. I love everything about you, more than anyone else."


I love this series. I'm reading it on onemanga. They only have the first 10 chapters but I check it every single day to see if they've updated. I can't wait to see how it ends. Lately I've been wanting to draw Mei and Yamato a lot! Ha ha.

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