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Fuminori Sakisaka was in a car accident and his life was saved by breakthroughs in medical science. However, his perception of the world has been Instead of seeing everyday people, buildings and food, all he sees are clumps of meat, blood and gore. Hiding his condition Fuminori contemplates suicide, but then meets a girl who isn't distorted by his vision. With nothing else in the world worth living for, Fuminori asks her to live with him. Her name is Saya and she accepts.

By OlgaFrow

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Z827's Saya no Uta Game Review

Rated: 9

This is a Review of Saya no Uta
A disturbing tale that packs true love , deaths , a dark morality basis , fear and a way to break the sanity of the player themselves into a single , mind-warping tale.
Gore alone isn't the reason why the player would feel sick from playing this game. The way the story twists love , the lives of others and morality alone is enough to send your own sanity to the brink.

It isn't an understatement that you would feel your mind going dull and numb whilst playing this game and I find myself taking breaks from it , time to time despite the fact that this ought to be a very short game.
This tale is not as simple as "good and evil" .

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