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Sayaka is a cheerful, slightly tomboyish middle school student who usually hangs out with Madoka Kaname and Hitomi Shizuki. She visits her friend, Kyousuke Kamijou, in the hospital quite often, and has a crush on him. Kyousuke's breakdown is what determines her to accept Kyubey's offer to become a magical girl, taking Mami Tomoe's place as the defender of the city of Mitakihara. Sayaka enters the world of magical girls with a burning desire to save lives, though her idealism is more tempered than Madoka's and she has more confidence in herself; however, this confidence diminishes as she begins comparing herself unfavorably to the more powerful and talented magical girls she encounters. After the contract is made, Kyubey leaves Madoka and follows Sayaka around instead, though Madoka still tags along to keep Sayaka company (which Sayaka appreciates, as she is actually quite afraid of fighting on her own, as a beginner).

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