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It all started when Makoto first laid eyes on the beautiful but timid Kotonoha. He never had the guts to tell her that he was interested, but would instead watch her at school and on the train in silence, being happy with just that.

However, a rather outspoken girl named Sekai finds out about his crush after seeing Kotonoha's picture is Makoto's cell phone wallpaper. After teasing him, she decides to help the two get together. At first, her attempts end up in success, and the three become close enough that Kotonoha learns of and accepts Makoto's feelings.

...Of course, feelings start to change, which cause not only these three, but their classmates as well, to keep crossing the lines between love, lust, friendship, hatred, jealousy, and life and death.

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LightFykki's School Days Tv Review

Rated: 8

What I want to say and that you all understand is that this is not a comedy anime. Not at all and even being a slice of life, romancing, high school type anime, it doesn’t have that much comedic relief. It tries to get in with it, but fails most of the time, because just after a comedic one there is a whole different situation and comedy doesn’t last for long because you are already hocked up knowing what is going on and about the atmosphere that is surrounding the characters.

This anime has one of the worst previews of any. What kind? They are none, just a text saying the name of the next episode. First thing is that for some reason, you get more intense from waiting for that and actually wanting to see what will happen .

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Member Opinions

LenoreDiKaat LenoreDiKaat

I don't know if this series could be considered of the horror genre, but that girl's obsession with a certain boy is utterly disturbing. The ending is something that feels taken out of nowhere, because you'd never expect THAT to happen.

mikeb23 mikeb23

This show was definitely not your typical shoujo anime. At first the three main characters Makoto, Katsura and Sekkai have a typical love triangle relationship but things soon change throughout the course of the anime. prepared to feel like beating the crap out of Makoto ^.^ However, the manga counterpart has a campletely different story route and for once an anime portrays the plot better than the source. In all, I recommend to anyone to watch the series as it has a good plot twist ending which will leave you like (O_O)

404UserNotFound 404UserNotFound

I don't know if I either hate this anime or if it just does a good job of portraying Makato as an unlikable character.

If you love drama- this anime may be for you because it is infested with it
If you like animes full of likable characters- This anime is NOT for you. Almost every character in this anime is unlikable in some way.

Anyway when I watched this it was like watching a train wreck in slow motion because I already knew the ending.


This anime is very interesting to watch. I've watch this the start and middle episodes seems good but I don't like the ending is too absurd and very complicated, freaky? or weird and brutal(I think) Which make you think what happen? are they nuts? O_O.. Though the characters are just fine(but they are nuts) and the plot is also just fine. The design is average and the background is good.. The first episodes are happy, but you can feel the trill at the ending..

shadowwhuntress shadowwhuntress

Some people may not like this series, but I do. I really love this one. I tried this just because of curiosity. I guess I was fooled by the title, "School Days". I thought it was the usual romance, the "I love him", "But I love him more", so and so... but I was surprised of how the things went (and the ending). School Days taught me a lesson: Boys should never ever screw girls even if they look kind or sweet or anything. Just don't.

areyouthere areyouthere

Otro 10 para otra excelente serie, me encanto su drama y su historia fria aunque un poco cruel ^^ jeje que contradiccion, pero si quieren o creen que saben lo que va a suceder en los finales de la series, pongan a prueba ese conocimiento con esta serie

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

I think this anime might be based on a game but I'm not sure. The story is really boring: a boy getting swarmed by girls who are willing to have sex with him at the first opportunity and the twist it takes makes you go "WTF". But the worst part is the ending, it's just too freaky. Definitely one of the worst animes I've ever watched.

aureawolf aureawolf

Actually, part if this was my fault: I watched it in one sitting, so I ended up with a strong feeling of sickness (which lasted for a few days...:/). That's the word: it's just sick. The characters, their relationships, the way of expressing their feelings, their human misery... This is one of the most horrible series I've ever seen!

LightFykki LightFykki

An anime that I will always remember for being different 'slice of life' type of show than others. If you are looking for something different and unique.. Something that will draw you into the story and make you think about even your own decisions.. Then go for this one~!

DokiDokiChan DokiDokiChan

Worst anime I have ever seen in my life plot-wise, and I will never finish it. It's just entirely ridiculous.
Now, the animation is excellent, the character designs are cute, and it starts off very well. Then the male lead somehow ends up sleeping with every female character, even the minor minor characters. The plot is entirely lost and it stops making sense. I got halfway through it before I decided life was too short.

princessmeyrin023 princessmeyrin023

School Days taught me a very important lesson that I will instill in my heart and mind if I was a guy. Even though I'm not a guy, I really learned that be careful in love. Love only ONE and not many. Don't cheat. I like this series and one of my favorites. Too much kissing scenes and smut though.

InuyashaRulesssss InuyashaRulesssss

This is a good anime, but I'm going to only give it a 7. Thats kinda low for me. I have my reasons though... One being, I can not stand how the main char acted to the girls saying he loves them when he doesnt. All he cares about it sex. Two being, how some of the girls are... some of them have boyfriends and they know he has a girlfriend, but they don't care. They still go have sex with him. Like WTF. I really almost didn't watch after like the 3rd episode cause Makoto is such a BAKA! I still watched it all and it was a crazy ending. This isn't actually a anime I would recommend to people.

LuckyShadow LuckyShadow

I hated this anime! I mean it was a really well done anime and it was 100% concerned with the relationships between the characters; however, I (and hopefully 100% of everyone else who watched this anime) was disgusted with the main character. The anime started out like an innocent and regular ol' ecchi harem; however, after a while you find out that the main dude is just a filthy pervert who is just looking for a series of one-night stands. You'll be happy when you finish off the anime: great ending!

KyoXRena44 KyoXRena44

Well, it seems to be another "happy" typical anime with a romance story and a happy ending, right? WRONG!!!! This anime, although it may rub off that way from the images you initially see, you'll soon find out the horrid truth to this anime that makes the ending far from a "happy" one. It DEFINITELY has its own important moral lesson, so to you guys out there (you KNOW who I'm talking to), I HOPE you've managed to learn a thing or two from watching through the events of this anime. And I'd personally say that ABSOLUTELY NONE of the girls, if thought of in the correct way, were REALLY at fault here, if you take into consideration their "natural" emotions.

randomly--random randomly--random

i decided to finish this series despite this being Ecchi since i kind of read the ending when i decided to stop watching this... after reading the ending, i continued watching and finished it, and i really hate the characters of this series because first Itou Makoto is a real pervert and manwhore, Katsura Kotonoha is quite annoying, Saionji Sekai is really annoying && she's a real bitch :)) and finally all the other girls in their school are all into Itou which makes this series more annoying because Itou is such a manwhore :P :P but despite all this annoying stuffs, the ending was good. SPOILER: Saionji killed Itou for going back with Katsura despite making her pregnant, then Katsura killed Saionji for killing Itou && for wanting to find out if she's really pregnant..

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