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Tsukamoto Tenma has long been keeping her love to her schoolmate, Karasuma, a secret until one day she heard that Karasuma is going to move within a month. Feeling desperate Tenma tries any possible way to reveal her feelings to Karasuma, aided by her little sister Yakumo, and fellow classmates.

On the other side, a young delinquent Harima Kenji falls in love to the seemingly innocent Tenma, but all his attempts have been failing at all times.

Would Tenma finally realize Kenji's hidden feelings? Would Tenma's burning love reach the cold and flat Karasuma? School Rumble follows the funny adventures of Tenma and Kenji with their love confession trials, misunderstandings, and laugh-able desperate measures of teen romance.

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Rosegirl18's School Rumble Tv Review

Rated: 8

What I just loved about School Rumble was that the story was so vague (he likes her, she likes another guy) so that it allowed space for randomly funny events. The humor in School Rumble is, at times, very random, and the producers are able to make it work. Other than the comedy, the series are able to express teenage frustration at love that seems to go nowhere, and make it into exaggerated acts that start in comedy, and end in comedy.
The anime is also able to touch upon warm themes, of friendship and loyalty, as well as kindness and the willingness to help. School Rumble isn't the best anime I have seen, but certainly amongst my most favorite ones. Never will it let you be sad or down, and you will always find yourself loving the characters.

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This anime is very funny and makes me want to watch it more and more until I have enough of it, it makes me laugh several times and it enlightens my mood. Some of the scenes is very funny and makes me laugh. To bad they didn't finish the story yet due to legal problems i think :( . I hope they will still gonna continue it since its a good anime after all. It is still worth watching even it is not finished.


This is the most LOL anime About SCHOOL i ever saw! The funniest school-life romantic comedy!
School Rumble is a romantic shonen comedy revolving around the daily lives of the students of Class 2-C at the fictional Yagami High School, as well as their friends and families.
Tenma Tsukamoto, an unremarkable second-year high school student who secretly admires her eccentric, enigmatic, nice-guy classmate, Oji Karasuma.Tenma struggles to confess her feelings to Oji. He remains oblivious to her interest, instead seeking fulfillment by indulging in curry. The main male protagonist, delinquent Kenji Harima, similarly yearns for Tenma, attending school solely to be near her.Like Tenma, Harima has difficulty declaring his love, and whenever he summons the courage to do so, circumstances conspire against him.
Although School Rumble focuses on Harima and Tenma, the series explores a number of supporting characters! So that´s waht it makes it great you can´t really put in 2nd place any character cuz there all need to make it SCHOOL RUMBLE 4 EVER XD!

HurtHattori HurtHattori

One word : hilarious. Oh, and curry. School Rumble is so light-hearted and easy to watch... It relies on puns, parodies, comedic situations, its characters antics and on misunderstandings to deliver its gags. It's almost impossible not to laugh at least once while watching this series.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

So demential as to be brilliant! Tenma Tsukamoto, a second high school student, is in love with her classmate Karasuma, who doesn't notice her; Harima Kenji, the school bully, is in love with Tenma who doesn't notice him. A heap of laughs for those who like stupid but terribly funny people, tons of misunderstandings that never become banal, absurd situations with paradoxical expedients and various quotes in parody size! Most of the episodes is very inconclusive and yet you get never tired of laughing and in the end, however, you can see the thread of a story and characters' growth is noticeable. What a pity that the last series, San Gakki, wasn't carried out, replaced by a shameful summary and two final episodes that conclude the story hastily throwing to the winds a masterpiece of comedy.

KENJI HARIMA: "Thanks God I was born stupid!"

Taavi Taavi

The title is indeed appropriate. It is one of the finest comedies I have watched. Even though it seems regular, that may be the reason why it is so enjoyable. I mean there is no need to use anything cutting edge or innovative if you can get he job done with some old-school comedy ;D


Excellent Manga.
The Main Character Are REALLY Stupid, But I think that Stupid Animes are my favourite So Nevermind xD
Tenma and Harima are really alike and they don't even notice it (YAY for bad english)
The Anime is based on Hilarious Misunderstanding and Impossible Situations, That makes it so charming !
Harima Is Epic, You NEED to watch it !

KyoXRena44 KyoXRena44

Good Ol' School Rumble. With such entertaining characters and really wild plot twists, who WOULDN'T enjoy watching this series? For you romance fans out there, this anime does have it's "romantic" moments! Of course, it doesn't cancel out the hectic events that occur every episode!


Only seen first season. I love the characters, it's a good series to watch to just make you laugh, but you want something with a slightly higher intelligence than Azumanga Daioh or Lucky Star. My favorite character is Harima, he cracks me up!

Naruth Naruth

No show has ever made me laugh quite so much. I don't know exactly what it is, but there's just something hilarious about the situations that Harima gets into. It's kinda weird too, I didn't think I'd like him at first. I swear, there's something for everybody in this show. Go. Watch it now. Or don't. Whatever.

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