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There is a bad prophecy told to the king that a baby will be born in his kingdom. The baby is said to bring chaos and destruction into the world, and the cursed baby is Pacifica Casull, the newborn princess that will bring the curse at the age of 16.

To escape the prophecy, the baby was buried in the darkness right after birth, and no one is suppose to talk about this omen. However, one assasins after another is coming to kill Pacifica, who is not suppose to exist in the first place, and so the elder brother and sister of Pacifica: Shannon and Raquel, sets on a journey to protect their only sister.
Synopsis by: Niomea

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Shoujoboy's Scrapped Princess Tv Review

Rated: 8

Adventure anime is a genre that has been on a sharp decline over the years. In years past, Slayers and Record of Lodoss War were gold standards in not only their genre, but anime in general as entertainment. But with the moe craze, the video game/anime tie ins and just the explosion of the harem genre, adventure anime has all but been left behind. Scrapped Princess is one that might have been overlooked or left behind in it's day, but I assure you that it's worth a look.

The story isn't the deepest you may have ever seen, but it's a fun one to experience. Following a group of siblings as they fight for survival and seek answers to questions that they don't even understand, is a fun ride.

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Member Opinions

MasterPivot MasterPivot

A really good, but largely under-rated, series that has beautiful art and a good story-line. In many ways, this is the backdrop of this series is what the Matrix should have done to keep its humans in line...


This is my favorite fantasy anime. The setting is imaginative, and I enjoyed watching the plight of the main characters. The pacing is pretty solid too, it felt like there were just enough episodes to fully develop and wrap up the plot.

Nubes Nubes

Scrapped princess is a mix of a movie and a soap opera... don't get me wrong, this is how u mix things for the audience to recieve a feeling and this is what u get, emotions... and this story just wanna make u cry, gave goosebumps and send chills through the spine! That's what i got... I mean better than this it cannot be!!! 100%, highly recommended! u sure will enjoy a lot...


such a good story. though i hate Fulle for dying... but i've noticed most good characters like him that i totally luv end up dying in the middle of the series... and i guess that's what makes a story good... but...

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