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orange-lisa orange-lisa

Yaoi, from the same mangaka of Junjou Romantica. Indeed they are very similar, with three couple and too much gays, but I liked this more than JR, maybe because I appreciated the setting in the publishing world. And I liked the main couple, TakanoxOnodera (a part from Onodera's screams "This isn't love!" that conclude most of the episodes... just stupid).

MASAMUNE TAKANO: "Whenever I'm with you, I completely fall apart."

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

It's just like Junjou Romantica (bcoz it's a continuation of that series I guess - with different characters). Normal yaoi/gay stories with their normal n funny problem. The normalities itself are the plus point for this series I guess. I laugh a lot watching this. N the stories aren't boring at all. ^^

Felcie Felcie

I'm watching it along with Junjou Romantica, it's the same mangaka. So the frame is basically the same : 3 yaoi couples, related but they have their stories on their own. For now, I prefer Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi to Junjou Romantica, the characters are both adults for the main pairing and the way they act seems more mature and, so, more realistic. And, here, the world seems a bit less totally gay. xD

KiyanaIkebana KiyanaIkebana

After I heard that the same Mangaka of Junjou romantica have a new Anime/Manga, I have decited to watch it!
I knew that I will be similar to Junjou romantica. About 3 couples and their relationship. But I must say, that this anime began to be boring. Ok, there are 3 different couples but.....it's more about the charas how they are feeling then their relationship.
The first season is about fall in love.....but the next season? The second season should be about their relationship, but the characters are only speaking their feelings! -.-
The best couple is with Onodera. It have a story. But the other couples are unnecessary.
I think that as Manga is better! There is more feeling and realitonship. After all I think that is the same like junjou romantica, it has only another name XD so....I LIKE IT ;)


Personal warning to all those crazy people: This show too, is also a yaoi-type show, which means boy x boy, ( which means guys will like other guys). Please do not bother any website after you've read this review and cry that no one told you what this show was about. You've been warned.
Anyways~ I loved the show, definitely modern and extremely funny. The different animations that show the emotions (also found in Junjou) the storyline between each of them was different than Junjou. I'm really grateful for that, you sometimes see authors go for the same sort of relationships between different characters but these were all different and I'm happy. This one has all the main characters working at an editing magazine company. I don't know how they fit in their love lives in their crazy schedules, but their insanity at work helps roll things along in their relationships. You learn just a bit of the manga process (at the end during the previews, there's always someone explaining a role of manga-editing) while it may be overexaggerated (or true, I'm going with true) it gives it a ordinary day sort of feel towards it. I'm just sad not looking forward to new episodes anymore T^T

Tifa-chan Tifa-chan

I haven't watch a Shounen-ai anime in a long time. I watched all the episodes of the first season in one day because I end up liking Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi very much! The characters thoughts is just so real that this series really captivated me.

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Yahooo! could rewatch it from an instance^_^ extremly fun and awesome:D thought Junjou Romantica was cool, but this is even better^_^ wish they make season 2 soon, as they did from JR. Is it just me or the main characters are better drawn than in JR? must be my imagination... Anyway, I want more!

randomly--random randomly--random

Personally, I have never been a fan of anything shounen ai. Seriously. I was just wondering around Tokyo Toshokan and found Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and knowing that Hatsukoi = First Love I just hit download. Anyway, forgetting about how I got to know this anime, when I first watch it I was seriously surprised and closed it immediately not even getting half of the anime, then after deciding that I'd go try random genres this season, I watched it and got fond with the comedy. Story-wise, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi holds a typical shoujo genre, with the "heroine" confessing to the guy she likes, they got separated after the guy went to college and years later, they accidentally meet again in the manga section of a publishing company. Honestly speaking, the story itself kind of caught me but having men going about themselves doesn't really suit my taste XP For the conclusion, it isn't anything big and it practically screams for a second season which this coming Fall 2011 is going to give us. As for the characters, they are fairly interesting. Every character has their very own arc. As for the main character, Onodera, Ritsu, I find him quite the comedic type of "heroine". Then, there's Takano, Masamune, the aggressive type of guy who'd do anything to make Onodera fall back in love to him. Personally, the most interesting love triangle in here is between shoujo mangaka, Yoshino, Chiaki; his chief assistant, Yanase, Yuu and his editor, Hatori, Yoshiyuki. Music-wise, it's the typical BGM for slice of life anime, I don't recall any interesting background music. As for the seiyuu, when I was browsing the cast, I saw Okamoto, Nobuhiko as Kisa, Shouta and Kamiya, Hiroshi as Yanase, Yuu. Though the two of them are some of my favorite seiyuus, I personally think that they didn't really standout that much in Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. What got stuck in my head is the big, annoying (LOL) voice of Konishi, Katsuyuki as Takano. Other than that, nothing more. OP and ED-wise, OP gives you the shoujo feeling for the anime only to find out that it's actually a shounen ai. The ending, on the other hand, caught my attention. Well, it was kind of good if you ask me(: As for the art, the character designs were never really my type on the first place. Though for some of the characters, they seem cute such as Onodera and Kisa. Not the cute-I-like-them-type but more like the cute-like-a-girl type. Well, I guess it was because they ARE suppose to be the girls. Anyway, other than that, I don't anything more in mind. Overall, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is definitely something to watch for those who likes shoujo-romance type of anime. But if you're not into BL, you definitely won't like this, seriously.

aIshiRoi aIshiRoi

one of the best after junjou romantica. the fluffy, romantic, comedy setup are just... LOVE!
though the characters as well as the traits most likely a bit not different(maybe just in hair style/color).
but still, it captures not only my attention, but my obsession with yaoi as well ;3

ai-yame ai-yame

Cheers for another shounen-ai series, and not to mention from the same manga-ka of Junjou Romantica, too, which I also adore. Basically, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi has the same three couples/plots, but this time all characters are centered towards manga writing and yes, even marketing manga. I thought this was more realistic, more in-depth, and had a better plot line; so I'm really hoping for a second season!

xNotUnderstood xNotUnderstood

oddly i laugh when watching this series.
its kinda got the same plot as "Junjou Romantica" but its got a difference to it, that makes it good.

Again i love the fact that it focuses on more then one couple, and how each character is forced to realize that they love the other person

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