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Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Quite a cool story line, but not impressive presentation nor voice acting. Harem, romantic, action and funny genre, this anime will get you stick to it. The Hero is pathetic and a failure, and the main lady is an idiot and happy go lucky type. Oh my, then why did i liked this in the first place?
Over all its a worth watch anime, but for 17+ only

ghost945 ghost945

lots of fan service... Great! story hasn't come to an end with two seasons already. felt a bit lengthy and lingers on. female characters mostly have large boos and great body. maybe a bit excessive. characters given various ability, a smaller number in the series doesnt necessarily mean less powerful, i think this is a good point. male lead very positive just a bit useless in times of fighting.

shoemaster shoemaster

One thing that come to mind when it comes to the anime Sekirei are big chested women with really busty body. Apart from their unusual body shape and breast size they are extraterrestrial beings who landed on Earth and are under the Sekirei plan which are founded and employed by the organisation MBI in which they have to fight each other to the last sekirei and their ashikabi (their human master), who will at the end decide the fate of the sekirei race. Lot of action and the romance is pretty good since the protagonist is more likable and capable than your typical harem guy. It is definitely fun to watch.

deviant2 deviant2

squareenix the sponsor ? just like i thought ... nice fighting motion & fx but only in less than minutes more worst its only little second.

who is the illustrator ? is he/she a newbee ? / single character drawn by different man ?
many character drawn differently (still not fix / unstable) for some what ... characters is cute & handsome ... for some what ... characters is bad ... sometimes character looks like 2d (flat) (not perspective (3d)) & also the bone structure sometimes really bad, there is including big b**bs, sometimes good sometimes like animal.
Ah .. i forgot 2... these hair ... still unstable (only "Musubi", Kusano, kazeha nearly stable).

world of story is really 2 tight, small & pressed into single town just like haibane renmei ...
they said sekirei live for fight, but lol only in a minute fighting moment.

oh yeah ... for personal reason ... i feel like i kiss dead fairy/angel and heal her.

More stories please ... use your imagination ...
I give you (the authors) a salute, if you can stand until 5-10 season (@ least 12*5 (55) epsiodes) i think you can do it.

until now (season 2) ... well ... actually i think its 2 fast ... i mean there is season 1 1/2 (between 1 & 2).

DiEs2882 DiEs2882

curently watch seasson 2...

the character are all ( most of them ) oppai...
so there is a lot of fan service there...
the story quite "out there"...but still good to follow...

let see how is gonna end...:)


what a great anime series, well thought out and very well done!
A lot of action, comedy, drama, and fan service :) watched the entire 1st season -
Looking forward to Sekirei: Perfect Engagement this winter!!

irix irix

The story itself it's not deep in th manga, but in the anime the mangaka gives more live to the arguments (if there's any about female with boobs), but the bad thing here is the bad character design, that personally kills for me that part... :(

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