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Member Opinions

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

I only watch the anime, never played the game (yet). The plots just so-so. But the characters (especially Masamune n Yukimura) r so entertaining. I like the way Masamune speaks. Also high spirited Yukimura n his Oyakata-sama who reminds me of Rock Lee n his teacher from Naruto. They r so funny. :D

Yuki-xyz Yuki-xyz

At first, I couldn't bring myself to watch it and had it few years on my PC. I'm not very into historical anime, but once I started to watch it, I fell for it {I didn't do anything else till I've watched it completely :)}.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I've seen both seasons. Masamune was my favorite character; I loved the way they'd make him speak in Engrish. Yukimura was very funny to watch, his character was so over the top and completely driven by his emotions. I'd have to say I preferred Oda Nobunaga as the villain. Some of the dub isn't too bad. Though in some ways I do prefer this show in Japanese. Kasuga got on my nerves with how she acted around Kenshin, god I muted the sound every time she was having a 'moment'.

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Well, prefer the game, but both (anime and game) are a great entertainment (nice to give your fingers a little break sometimes^_^). After seeing animes second season Im rising my rating:p I love those guys and their habbits so much^_^
Whoah, cant wait for the movie now! I wonder how they will build the story about Ieyasu and Minstunari conflict.. Somehow I'm afraid I have aldeady predicted it, but I hope for a surprise^_^ Sengoku Basara 3 the game rocks anyway!

AnimeRoxz AnimeRoxz

I loved the game. I loved the artworks OF the game and yes, I was so excited after just listening to the opening. But jump into the anime and I got disappointed. While I do admit that it does somewhat refer to the game, the sudden simple art with sketchy lines while they fight just makes we wonder "WTH just happened? Did my comp crash or something?". Yes the art is good, most of the time and the soundtracks are nice. But maybe cause it's a game-based anime, but their quotes sometimes just kinda make me tick and I'm like "okaaaay....", and sometimes the overexagerated fighting scenes just make me wonder if I will even consider SB2...I mean...I just saw both of them fly smack into Oda and killed him like a dragon ball anime! Yes it those are in the game too but for some reason, it doesn't really work in an anime for me =S I have no idea if this was supposed to be serious or not cause...really...the final fight which was supposed to be the most serious fight of all (normally), was just.... O.o "huuuh? that's it?" But nonetheless, if you just watch for Date or Yukimura, you're probably good, though you might want to avoid the fighting scenes. And since I did play the game, I did enjoy it...well....most of it I guess... ^^

kuryuki kuryuki

Love the story setting xDD I'm a sucker for periodic series's
I'm not very fond of the sudden englishes though, it's a little weird
but other than that It's quite interesting

I like the first series better than the second,
I feel that the second season is not as good as a first, it overlaps a little too.
but that is probably due to its based on game.


I got curious because this was popular among Japanese women even if it's textbook shounen anime. I shouldn't have wondered after seeing Masamune Date... Excellent animation and surprisingly semblance of plot with enough bits of references to Japanese history.


Too many things that goes out of the track of history.....
I don't think that I will continue watch the second season, but my favorite seiyuu is a voice actor for my favorite Japanese warrior Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Just can't let it be....I want to watch....

Rinoa17 Rinoa17

Like it especially Masamune Date.
His voice is really adorable,soo sexy XD
What I dislike is sometimes the fighting scene.
Looks like a crashing of two rocks as two fighting guys.
But the elements of the characters is amazing.(Lightning Power of Date-sama^^)


the first time i saw this it was like just something to watch out of boredom. i was kind of trying to look for something i can get into because nothing else enterested me at the time. after wathching the first season of this, i think this is something to try out. season 2 has come and i am currently waiting for it's 6th episode! what drew me to it altogether was the constent over the top battles and the number one character everybody is familiar with (masamune-sama). his coolness is a 2nd reason. also the animation in my opinion is great and it keeps you at the edge of your seat. now i just can't wait to see how this will end.


Freaking amazing so far. Almost done watching. The first series since I can remember that got my blood racing, and had me really in to the story and the characters, which are both amazing. Voice acting is also really well done, and the fight scenes are breathtaking. Animation and character design are both top notch. A++

woochann woochann

A lot of people didn't really like the game because of its wild and cray (all most insane) plot (or lack there of) but I loved it! For once it was a game that wasn't all about 'do this...and that, but if you do that you lose.' It was all about your strength, your strategy, and your guts. And they brought that to the anime. It had passion, was hilarious, and I felt the brotherhood in arms. It was all there! Sengoku Basara was a big hit to me. It could do no wrong...and if nothing else you gotta love our Engrish speaking Masamune. ;D

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