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Nagasumi Michishio is your average 14-year old schoolboy who was dragged along by his parents on a summer vacation to the remote inland mountain beach of Seto. When he and his parents reach the beach, bad luck strikes and he gets washed away to sea. On the brink of death, Nagasumi is saved by a girl.

However, bad luck seems to be Nagasumi's brother-in-fate; he discovers that the girl who saved him, Sun Seto, is actually a mermaid. To top it off, she is also the only daughter of Gouzaburou Seto, boss of the Seto Group, a Yakuza-like organization that has a grimly rule: any human who discovers the merfolk's existence must be killed, or the said merperson would be killed instead.

But there's another solution: the only way for Nagasumi and San to escape this rule is to get married!

Based on the synopsis by: shinshinovi

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Z827's Seto no Hanayome Tv Review

Rated: 8

This is a Review of Seto no Hanayome :
Romance / Comedy mix had never looked so good :D Cute girls , fresh jokes and repeating jokes that never seems to get old , Seto no Hanayome is a must-watch for any Romance-Comedy fans.
Like a typical Romance-Comedy Anime , storyline-wise , it's pretty weak and it's kinda strange to see how a non-serious event results in serious consequences at times but I dare say this Anime lives off it's artwork ( To be specific , the girls ) , comedic sequences and later on in the plot , the romance factor , which was actually very weak at first and can prove distasteful to romance fans since the romance involved here is more or less a form of responsibility with no emotions to it. But as I said , the romance factor grows stronger later so sit tight.

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Member Opinions


I love this anime so much it crazy funny and stupidy active. My fav charters would have to be Nagumi, Chimp,Sun-chan,Maki, Luna and that prince that loves Sun-chan because EVERY time this dude gets into the sun he goes crazy!!! (^_^)/* . the theme song is really awesome to its like a rock and classic like theme song. Its really cool how Luna and Sun-chans dad tried to kill him when they first met! But anyways i watch too many animes and i bet imma stay like this for a while. (^_^)b

Dancerinthedark Dancerinthedark

Seto no Hanayome is one of the rarest types of anime you can find - a parody rom-com that is actually extremely funny!

This is without doubt one of the funniest animes released in the past few years, and I have never seen parody done so well since the original Jungle wa itsumo hale nochi guu (especially Michishio Nagasumi's pardoy of Ken from Fist of the North Star, and Runa's father as the the terminator).

The art style in this anime, like most parodies, can take a little getting used to, but it doen't really cause headaches. The characters have all have their own quirks and foibles (San-chan's sakura petals appearing out of nowhere for instance, and Nagasumi's first kiss - I laughed so hard I got cramps), but these traits enhance the characters.

One of the biggest plus points for this anime is the ending. All too often in anime we see a great series end with a whimper. Not here. The ending was brilliant in both it's seriousness and it's humour - in other words it's seriously funny.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

WoW.. a classic anime with a classic love story and having a classic ending. Even when this anime can be termed in a romance, funny and slice of life, our main hero was a victim of such torture, that it can also be termed in Violence. however the blood was not red but a colour full liquid. Over all a cool anie. PG 17

pandemonium91 pandemonium91

It was fun in the beginning, but I had to give up on this after a while: too repetitive and the plot feels like it's going nowhere. The animation was clean but there were too many things going on and it ultimately devolved into a typical harem situation (which is a shame, as it had potential). The plot can get quite episodic at times, there are a lot of underdeveloped characters and the slapstick gets old fast.

pdrawman pdrawman

A Ninkyo Love Comedy! is the title of the only opening of the 24 episodes, including 2 OVA, Seto no Hanayome's also found on the Internet. This is the most hilarious I've seen in my life, a girlfriend of main character, no doubt all we wanted to have: cute, cheerful, tender and sweet and above all loyal. I would have liked to see a second season, maybe, someday, only time will tell. While I invite you to see it, I recommend them.

Zettodono Zettodono

This is a bomb! I have never seen anime like this. Hurricane comedy! Good, apropos humor. An interesting formulation of the plot. Awesome characters. All, without exception. Original animation. Excellent music, circumferential summer, the sea and sun.
In general, this comedy deserves attention.

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