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Member Opinions

Onikami Onikami

I was a little skeptical at first, and I must admit there were some moments where I found certain things questionable. However when it was all said & done I must say I enjoyed it. The animation is crisp and clean as expected and the storyline was well done too. It was a solid anime through and through. There were a few points that I didn't like, but that's just my personal opinion, overall the anime itself was well done & definitely worth watching. ^^

Eunoe Eunoe

This is what the future world might be except for the sorceries.

The idea is really nice. Forcefully reducing CO2 emission levels to mitigate the global warming crisis. As a result, the economic market was transferred mainly into the trade of carbon. A great earthquake destroys much of Japan, yet the carbon tax placed on the country is not lifted, so Tokyo is turned into the world

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