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RouronikenshinX7's Shin Megami Tensei Game Review

Rated: 9

If I were to grade Nocturne in presentation, the results would be this:

*Grading system is in a 1-5 ratio 5 being the highest*

Originality- 4
Storyline- 4.5
Action- 5
Drama(considerable sad moments and such)- 3
Comedy- 2

Battle System- 4.5
In-game graphics- 3
Scenes (I call FMVs)- 4

Music- 4.5
Game play(controls and "smoothness of the game")- 4

Overall rating- 5 A Must Have Game!

Remember, these are ratings based on my opinion and is bias. You should make your own conclusions. If you have further questions or requests - screenshots, images, plot- regarding the game, you may go ahead and message.

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