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Based on a Korean fairy tale, Shin Shunkaden (The Legend of Chun Hyang) follows the adventures of Chun-hyang, a young girl who, armed with her martial art skills, battles the oppressive Yang Ban, the leader of territories in Koriyo.

Mong Ryong travels the land of Koriyo, searching for the corrupt Yang Ban in order to prosecute them because Mong Ryong is the Amen-osa, a figure whose power is only less than that of the emperor. With a love of well-cooked food, he hides his power with a smile and a tease.

Together, Chun Hyang and Mong Ryong travel the land of Koriyo prosecuting the corrupt Yang Ban with magic and martial arts... and unfortunately for Chun Hyang, on a quest for the famous foods of each region that Mong Ryong wishes to sample.

Synopsis by twinklebyte.

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