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Over a hundred years ago, humanoid giants suddenly appeared and reduced the human population to almost extinction through gruesome cannibalism. Humanity saw itself forced to retreat behind high walls that managed to secure their peace and safety for 107 years in exchange for remaining inside the walls.

In the present, Eren, his adopted sister Mikasa and childhood friend Armin lead a peaceful life in the fortified district of Shiganshina - until the Titans arrive. What seemed like a regular day rapidly turns into a nightmarish battle with the appearance of the Colossal Titan, a monster much taller than the other Titans, who breaks down the first wall of the fortress, allowing the other Titans free entry to slaughter the trapped humans.

As everyone is scrambling to escape, Eren and Mikasa come across Eren's mother, who is gravely wounded. They are quickly dragged away by Hannes, a family friend - unfortunately not fast enough, as Eren still gets to witness his mother being devoured by a Titan. From that point on, Eren decides to dedicate his life to exterminating all Titans.

Credit: pandemonium91

Note: to avoid spoilers, don't tag the Titan forms with the human characters' names. Use Titans instead.

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Member Opinions


This show is truly breathtaking at times with the epic battle and fluidity in movement of characters during battle. The story is based on humanity trying at the short end of a stick and clinging on the last hope of surviving against Titans. What I liked about this anime is the basis of the story which based on Titans against humans. Quite unique and interesting one :) Even the characters were developed to certain extents and given some time to properly lay the foundation. At times, I don't really like Eren's character due to its naivety and some other stuffs. Well, I will recommend this show to anyone who like some action anime with unique and fresh story line ^^

HatedAngel HatedAngel

I consider this one of my favorites, I literally I had no idea I would love this show so much. At first I was reluctant, until I saw the TFS abridged version. THe cliff hanger it was left one was just straight up unbelievable.
I need moar

Marvolo Marvolo

It was great till returning to walls with Eren saved from Bert, Reiner and Ymir
But now? Pacing is off, Eren is kidnapped again, nobody important dies, we haven't seen single titan outside flashbacks for full year, characters are becoming more "normal", plans starting to work in the way they should, nothing really important is happening...
I just hope that some characters would die at the end

But coup d'etat without single death is just silly

pikachu36 pikachu36

Gotta say I have this show a lot of shit when the hype over it was going around, I happened to watch it all the way through thanks to Adult Swim. I heard there is a second season or there will be which I believe or hope will be less talking and a little more action, either way great idea and great show.


This anime is very intense. It makes you laugh, cry, and nearly vomit due to gore. They have done a great job considering it's an adaptation of the manga. So far, it is awesome, but I am still waiting on season 2...

angelxxuan angelxxuan

at first I didn't like it much, because it reminded me too much of Jack the Giant Slayer, but then they took a change up and went with a better plot that had better meaning. although the clothes remind me of something I saw on a movie of Snake from Escape from New York.

SolemnSerpent SolemnSerpent

Amazing series; bloody, violent, dramatic - just an all around glorious anime. We need more anime like this one, 'cause I'm getting tired of all of this kawaii desu crap & I need some explosions, and gore, and character death, and tears.

I need season 2 like I need air.


This anime is good.. Very unique I have never watch something like this with the same feeling.. The thrill is just so perfect and the gore, the horrifying Giants just scares you off. The first episode really catches me immediately. The characters are really cool specially Mikasa and Levi, the art really suits the theme of the series. The only bad thing in this series (for me) is the fact that the strongest Giants (titans) are just humans piloting it, I feel bad with it and I lost a little of my interest. The horrifying fear feeling is changed into crime story feeling.. Well justifying everything it is actually a good anime.. Worthwatching. Still waiting for 2nd season..

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

For those who loves these genre: Action, Adventure, Shounen, Tragedy, u must watch this anime. It's about human vs titans. Humans trying to survive, make some armies n tools to fight them, etc. The characters are uniques. The woman characters are strong. They are equals to other males.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

The OP sounds good. So far the soundtrack sounds nice as well. There's a very dark backdrop to everything and that's what made me want to try it out. The Titans are creepy, but they're creatures that are meant to be feared in the Shingeki no Kyoujin universe, so it's appropriate and works well. Humanity does some of their best work when pushed to the brink, and it’s without a doubt that the scenario presented here in Shingeki no Kyojin fits the bill. As such, there’s definitely a lot of expectation here in terms of the potential epicness that could result from humanity’s fight back against the Titans. Humans are weak in general (especially in this world). At the same time though, that doesn't mean you have no choice but to cry. Because as long as you're alive, you're able to get stronger. I do feel bad for what happened to Eren's mom. Hopefully this gets another season.

Also reading the original SnK manga, Shingeki no Kyojin -Before The Fall- and the spin off manga centered around Levi.

espada357 espada357

Wow. What a rollar coaster of an anime. I was so hesitant to watch it but then I just decided to one day out of pure boredom and curiosity, and man, I'm glad I did. I was hooked from the first 10 minutes. Then I watched every week until 21 then I stopped until it was over. The end of season 1 was appropriately timed. There's a LOT going on after that battle between the titan forms. A lot of mysteries are going to be uncovered in season 2. Can't wait!

LadyTextaholic LadyTextaholic

Oh my god, my friends finally made me watch it. So sad, so beautiful. It's something anyone would enjoy; you don't have to be a fan of most anime to love it. The friendships and characters are just amazing. TW for blood, gore, and death, but if you don't mind drowning in a pool of your own tears, I'd recommend that you watch it. So. Beautiful.

abou abou

SnK is the new reference for me, a deserved success for an original work, which goes beyond the usual, with an epic soundtrack, charismatic characters, and an animation of a rare quality!
Season 2 will have to wait a long time, but I shall be patient..

rudhkano rudhkano

Its a really great manga to read and even greater animation to watch. Good character development with cliff-hangers and heart-wrenching scenes that somehow makes me want to read / watch more. Its disturbing in some way but also compelling in many ways.

Kalrathia Kalrathia

I wasn't sure at the beginning if I should watch this anime or not... But, eventually, I started watching it because my sister told me so. And I don't regret it. It's an awesome anime! I love its animation, its soundtrack... I love the voice actors' work too. I can't wait for the next season, even when I'm reading the manga!
My favourite characters are Levi/Rivaille and Eren, although I love others too.