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aureawolf aureawolf

When I started my reading I was like: "*¬*!!! This is so cuuuuute!!!!!" I fell in love with Kagetora and I kinda digged Beni (she wasn't annoying and had some strength in her which I respect). I love their relationship and I melted with the love/kissing/grabbing scenes (who woldn't?). But the excesive use of that time travel crap made it a little heavy to read. Now it's finally over... A few loose ends and a tepid ending... but overall: pretty good!

lady-tsukiyomi lady-tsukiyomi

O.o........ I love Kagetora! this manga is so cool, but it can be a bit confusing for anyone who doesn't grasp time-travel's complexity well. His romance with Beni-chan is so sweet, and I am literally praying their story turns out for the best. I also love Hitaki.... mmm, that boy is fine.... Ahem, anyway, an awesome read, I give it an A. ^.^ *blushing* Hitaki-kun...... O.o *drool* <3

Somnus Somnus

One of the few Shojo mangas that I read. Think Inuyasha meets Naruto, but without all of the fighting and demons. xD Surprisingly addicting, despite the uber girly-ness. Very cute. Read most of the scanlated chapters in 3 days. :x

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