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Weskalia's Shinryaku! Ika Musume Tv Review

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Rated: 8

One thing I know for certain, Ika-chan may never succeed at conquering the world, but her cuteness indeed has already conquered everyone's hearts. Each episode brings you to a three mini-stories full with absolute funny moments. If this merit continues, eventually, it might be tiresome, but still, Shinryaku! Ika Musume proves to be one of the season and the year's elite comedy series. So go watching or Ika-chan will invade your domain.

Oh, and Barack Obama is in it, too.
Story: 7
Characters: 9
Art: 8
Animation: 8
Voice: 9
Music: 7
Overall: 8.25

+Plenty of crazy moments centered around the Squid Angel.
+Simple, but cute, well done and above all, hilarious.

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Member Opinions

MapleRose MapleRose

One of the cutest and funniest series I've seen, this series follows the antics of Squid Girl, the defender of the ocean who has come to conquer human-kind because they've been polluting the oceans, and the friends she met since she came on land. Except, she's been doing more part-time job at a beach restaurant than invading. Each episode is divided into 3 parts, with each part being a mini-story of Squid Girl's life. Squid Girl is naive, and her thinking process and reactions to ordinary things are hilarious to watch.


Funny and yet it seemed normal. While there was a strange squid girl trying to invade the humans, she easily fit in with the workers at Lemon. The three stories in each episode were funny, entertaining, or heartwarming. I saw as Mini Squid Girl captured my heart on her troublesome adventures into the unknown *SPOILER ALERT* only to later find out that it was all a dream! Though the second season is now over I look forward to the next and hope Ika Musume keeps me smiling :D

martirsadota martirsadota

It might seem ordinary, but that's quite incorrect. Even it doesn't boast of any breakthroughs, its simple, light humor, plus the kawaii-ness of the characters, will capture your heart and will make you watch it, especially if those characteristics make the anime for you. Overall, it's a good watch, with high replay value, IMO at least.

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